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History of the Town of Victoria Park

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The commissioned history of the Town of Victoria Park by Dr Susannah Thompson has been published.

Professor Geoff Gallop wrote the foreword.

  • In the first chapter Susannah looks at ‘Before “Victoria Park”’
  • Chapter Two details ‘The Birth and Growth of a Suburb’
  • In Chapter Three, Susannah investigates ‘From Prosperity to Hard Times: 1920s to 1945’
  • Chapter Four is on ‘Back to Home and Duty: Rebuilding Victoria Park’
  • Chapter Five is ‘Not “just a place to go through”: Adversity and Persistence in Victoria Park in the 1970s and early 1980s’
  • Chapter Six, the final chapter, is on ‘A new era: the rebirth of the Town of Victoria Park.



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