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Professional Learning Seminars on the Australian Curriculum: History

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UWA is holding seminars to assist primary and secondary school teachers with their implementation of the Australian Curriculum: History.

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Seminars and dates

The seminars will provide participants with sound topic content knowledge linked to the key inquiry questions and historical skills laid out in the Australian Curriculum: History.The topics will be situated within various levels of the History Curriculum framework. Please register your interest below.

The following seminars were held on Thursday 6 March 2014.
  • Jo Hawkins, Year 3, 'Community and Remembrance'
  • Associate Professor Jeremy Martens, Year 6, 'Australia as a Nation'
  • Dr Andrew Broertjes, Year 8, 'The Black Death'
  • Dr Stephanie Tarbin, Year 8, 'Mongol Expansion and Spanish Conquest'
  • Kerriann Larsen, Year 9, 'Making a Better World? - Imperialism'
  • Professor Mark Edele, Year 12, 'Historiography of Stalinist Russia'


Each seminar is currently priced at $88.00 inclusive of GST and includes a resource pack and refreshments. Please choose carefully as refunds will incur a $35.00 administration fee. Venues at UWA are confirmed closer to the seminar dates.


Cost is $88.00 per seminar (inclusive of GST).

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Resource pack

A resource pack containing suggested readings and primary sources will be provided, enabling participants to further their own content knowledge and effectively translate this knowledge into the classroom.

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Learning outcomes

  • Participants will gain an appreciation for and understanding of the particular seminar topic because the principles of the presenter’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm.
  • While each seminar is focussed on one particular topic, because the principles of teaching the Australian Curriculum: History remain the same across the curriculum, skills and knowledge acquired in these seminars can be transferred to other topics.
  • In developing and then presenting a classroom activity based around a primary source, participants will increase their confidence in both the subject matter and in putting Australian Curriculum: History into practice.
  • Participants will gain practical suggestions and example of how to implement and teach the Australian Curriculum: History in their classrooms.
  • Participants will come away from the course with information on where to pursue further subject knowledge.
  • Through exposure to specific Australian Curriculum: History content, participants will gain an implicit understanding of the five Historical Skills emphasized in the Australian Curriculum: History.

There will be no assessment, but teachers will receive a certificate of attendance of the seminar which will count towards the year professional development requirements.

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