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Doctor of Philosophy theses on WA topics - all WA universities

Please note that this list is a research tool only. Copies of theses are not held at CWAH.

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  1. Curtin University (1993-2016)
  2. Edith Cowan University (2002-2016)
  3. Murdoch University (1977-2016)
  4. University of Notre Dame (2008-2016)
  5. University of Western Australia (1971-2016)

Curtin University (1993-2016)

ALWYN, J. 2001 One thing at a time, one thing after another: an inquiry into time in the domestic sphere

BERTOLA, P. 1993 Kalgoorlie Gold and the World Economy 1893-1972

CATLIN, J. 2010 Development and change in the whale shark tourism industry at Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia

COX, S. 2012 'Whose city/whose Fremantle?': reconceptualising space for an open politics of place

FLETCHER, T. 1998 How local autonomy was lost: a history of stevedoring at Fremantle 1880 to 1950

LOZEVA, S. 2013 Migrants and nature: migrants' views on environmental activism in Western Australia

McCABE, T. 2012 Baalaa Kaarl Killelbirriny (His Hearth and Home of the Sergeant Ant): a study of the cultural landscapes of the Noongar Cliff Humphries

MASKELL, P. 1996 Education for librarianship in Western Australia: a history

PEARCE, D. 2009 A case study of the wildflower industry, its participants and their perspectives on rural development and change in the South West and Great Southern Regions of Western Australia

POPE, A. 1993 The Imperial Matrix: Britain and the Australia-India Gold Trade 1898-1919

SUPSKI, S. 2003 "It was another skin": the kitchen in 1950s Western Australia

TONTS, M. 1998 Rural restructuring, policy change and uneven development in the central wheatbelt of Western Australia

WARD, D. 2010 People, fire, forest and water in Wungong: the landscape ecology of a West Australian water catchment

Edith Cowan University (2002-2016)

ELUWAWALGE, D. 2004 History of costume: the consumption, governance, potency and patronage of attire in colonial Western Australia

GARDINER, A. 2014 Sex, death and desperation: Infanticide, neonaticide and concealment of birth in colonial Western Australia

LEWIN, E. 2002 Anglo-Indian women in Western Australia: past, present and future identities

Murdoch University (1977-2016)

ATKINSON, A. 1991 Chinese Labour and Capital in Western Australia 1847-1947

BEATON, L.S.L. 2004 Westralian Scots: Scottish settlement and identity in Western Australia, arrivals 1829-1850

BERMAN, J. 1998 Public forms of holocaust remembrance in Jewish communities in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, 1945-96

CAMPBELL, B. 2001 From sacrifice to security: the arming of the West Australian police 1975-1985

CHAPMAN, R. 2008 Fighting for the forests: a history of the Western Australian forest protest movement 1895-2001

CHARLTON, A. 2002 A.O. Neville, the ‘destiny of the race’, and race thinking in the 1930s

CLEMENT, C.A. 1991 Australia’s North West: A Study of Exploration, Land Policy and Land Acquisition 1644-1884

COLLINS, A. 2007 "A veritable Augustus": the life of John Winthrop Hackett, newspaper proprietor, politician and philanthropist (1848-1916)

COOK, D. 2016 "That was my home": Voices from the Noongar camps in Perth's western suburbs

CUSACK, D. 2003 With an Olive Branch and a Shillelagh: The Political Career of Senator Paddy Lynch (1867-1944)

DRUMMOND, S. 2015 Exiles and Island wives: History, fiction and the Breaksea Islanders

EDGAR, W. 2014 The convict era in Western Australia: Its economic, social and political consequences

EDMONDS, A.L. 1991 Western Air Ways: Making Aviation in Western Australia

FARRELL, R. 1997 Dangerous women: constructions of female criminality in Western Australia 1915-1945

GILLGREN, C. 1998 From aliens to ethnics: identity and citizenship in a study of Italians and Croatians in the Western Australian southwest timber industry 1895-1915

GOTHARD, J.S. 1991 Government Assisted Migration of Single Women from Britain to Australia: 1860-1900

GRAHAM-TAYLOR, S. 1978 A History of the Ord River Scheme: A study in incrementalism

GRAY, H. 1999 ‘Skinnin’ the pots’: a history of the western rock lobster fishery

GREEN, N.J. 2004 Access, equality and opportunity? : the education of Aboriginal children in Western Australia 1840-1978

HAEBICH, A. 1986 ‘A Bunch of Cast-off’: Aborigines of the Southwest of Western Australia 1900-1939

HARTLEY, R. 1998 A history of technological change in Kalgoorlie gold metallurgy 1895-1915

HUNTER, A. 2007 A different kind of 'subject': Aboriginal legal status and colonial law in Western Australia, 1829-1861

JAMIESON, R. 2000 Country storekeeping: a case study of the Daw family businesses in Ravensthorpe and other country areas of Western and South Australia

JEBB, M-A. 1998 ‘No more head stockman, he’s a chairman now’: The making and breaking of the pastoral system in the Kimberley Ranges, 1903-1972

KOTAI-EWERS, P. 2013 The Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA) from 1938 to 1980 and its role in the cultural life of Perth

LONGWORTH, A. 2005 Was it worthwhile?: An historical analysis of five women missionaries and their encounters with the Nyungar people of south-west Australia

McKENNA, E. The influence of ecclesiastical and community cultures on the development of Catholic education in Western Australia, 1846-1890

McKENZIE, B. 2015 Place and power: A history of maternity service provision in Western Australian, 1829-1950

McKEOUGH, M. 2016 A council & its crises: Challenge and response in Fremantle's community during three times of crisis - The bubonic plague the great war the depression era

McLAUGHLAN, L. 2013 A history of the electrical trades union in Western Australia and its place in the labour movement from 1905 to 1979

MEGAHEY, N. 2000 A community apart: a history of Fremantle Prison 1898-1991

PASCOE, R. 1978 The Manufacture of Australian History

REEVES, N. 1994 The Development of a Literate Society: A Case Study Western Australia 1850-1910

ROWE, L. 2000 The work of the societies for the prevention of cruelty to children Australia, 1888-1930: fighting cruelty, neglect and inexpert care

SHORNE, P. 2008 A study of the lives of casual TAFE lecturers in metropolitan Perth

SPILLMAN, K. 1995 A Matter of Priorities: Colonial Politics and the Administration of Development Policies in Western Australia 1883-1902

STASIUK, G. 2015 Wadjemup: Rottnest Island as black prison and white playground

TULL, M.T. 1986 The Development of the Port of Fremantle, Australia’s Western Gateway 1903-1939

UTTING, M. 1999 The Perth Observatory 1940-1962

WELLOCK, P. 1977 God in School. The Roles of Church and State in the Provision of Religious Education in Western Australian Government Schools from 1829-1976

WOLF, K. 2013 Activism and symbolic capital in Western Australia: An ethnographic study of the anti-nuclear movement

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University of Notre Dame (2008-2016)

MORGAN, L. 2010 'Remember the peasantry': A study of genocide, famine, and the Stalinist Holomodor in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-33, as it was remembered by post-war immigrants in Western Australia who experienced it (Doctor of Arts)

TOMLINSON, D. 2008 Too white to be regarded as Aborigines: An historical analysis of policies for the protection of Aborigines and the assimilation of Aborigines of mixed descent, and the role of Chief Protectors of Aborigines in the formulation and implementation of those policies, in Western Australia from 1898 to 1940

VICO, M. 2008 Lithuanian diaspora: An interview study on the preservation or loss of Pre-World War Two traditional culture among Lithuanian Catholic Emigres in Western Australia and Siberia, in comparison with Lithuanians in their homeland

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University of Western Australia (1971-2016)

ABBOTT, K. 2007 I grew up in that job: young people and work in Western Australia, 1900-39

ARNOLD, M. 2012 A journey travelled: Aboriginal-European relations at Albany and the surrounding region from first contact to 1926

BAVIN-MIZZI, J. 1993 Raping Matilda: Sexual Assault in Late-Nineteenth-Century Australia

BRANKOVICH, J. 2007 Burning down the house? feminism, politics and women's policy in Western Australia, 1972-1998

BROWN, P. 1997 The life of a maritime community: a social history of Fremantle, 1900 to 1939

BROWN, S. 2008 Imagining environment' in Australian suburbia: an environmental history of the suburban landscapes of Canberra and Perth, 1946-1996

CAUNT, H. 2013 Memory and the migrant story: a comparison of two studies of British migrants arriving in Western Australia in the 1960s

CHETKOVICH, J. 2002 The ‘New Irish’ in Australia: A Western Australian Perspective

CHOO, C.A. 1995 Aboriginal Women on Catholic Missions in the Kimberley, Western Australia 1900-1950

CHRISTENSEN, J. 2008 Shark Bay 1616-1991: the spread of science and the emergence of ecology in a World Heritage area

CLIFFORD, M. 2000 Citizenship, gender and equality: Polish women immigrants in Western Australia, 1947-1997

DAVIS, J. 2008 Longing of belonging?: responses to a 'new' land in southern Western Australia 1829-1907

DOLIN, J. 1998 A geohistory of a river community: the Swan River Valley, 1829-1900

DONOVAN, R. 2006 Australian public history: growth of a profession?

DOWSETT, P. 2016 The history of curricular control: literary education in Western Australia, 1912-2012

DUCKHAM, I.G. 2004 Western Desert Missionaries, their Collaborators and Critics: Assessments of Protestant Institutional Mission Work in Western Australia’s Western Desert 1921-1973

EUBEL, S. 2010 'German girls are really nice' - gender structure in a migration context: West German migration to Western Australian in the 1950s and 1960s

FITZGERALD, C. 2002 Making tuberculosis everyone’s business: The public health campaigns to prevent and control Tuberculosis in Western Australia 1900-1960

FOLEY, M. 2010 From social policy to social work: the antecedents and origins of mental health social work in Western Australia

GARE, D. 2000 ‘Breathing the ashes of the empire’: the journeys of four Australian historians in belonging, identity and in the Australian experience of empire

GAYNOR, A. 2001 Harvest of the suburbs: an environmental history of suburban food production in Perth and Melbourne, 1880-2000

GREEN, N.J. 1989 The Marndoc Reserve Massacres of 1926

GREGORY, J.A. 1988 The Manufacture of Middle Class Suburbia: The Promontory of Claremont, Nedlands and Dalkeith within the City of Perth, Western Australia 1830s – 1930s

JAMES, C. 2001 Marriage, masculinity and law in Australia, 1900 to 1999

JONES, S. 1999 Pornography: power and sexuality in post war Australia

KING, K. 2014 A lesser species of homicide - Manslaughter, negligent and dangerous driving causing death: the prosecution of drivers in Western Australia, 1946 - 2011

LANE, C. 2011 Myths and memories: re-reading space and people in southern Western Australia through the lenses of travellers, 1850-1914

LAYMAN, L. 1979 Western Australian Legislative Assembly Elections 1947-1959: An Analysis of Electoral Change

LLOYD, N. 2005 Australian Zoological Gardens 1860-1939: Empire, Nation, Nature and the City

MARTYR, P. 1994 The Professional Development of Rehabilitation in Australia 1870-1981

MANFORD, T. 1976 A History of Rail Transport Policy in Western Australia, 1870-1911

MASSAM, K. 1992 Lay Catholic Spirituality in Australia: Adelaide and Perth, 1922-1962

MILLETT, P. 2003 “[A] mild but firm system of discipline”: British convicts and their punishment in Western Australia, 1850-1886

MOREL, F. 2006 The swamp stealers: topography, settlement and the evolution of Northbridge an inner urban area of Perth, Western Australia, using geographic information systems

MORGAN, R. 2012 Running out?: an environmental history of climate and water in the southwest of Western Australia, 1829 to 2006

MURRAY, S.M. 1997 A History of Menstruation in Australia 1900-1960

OLIVER, B.D. 1990 War and Peace in Western Australia – the Impact of the Great War on Westralian Ideology, Politics and Society 1914-1926

PAULEY, T. 2004 Female immigration from South Africa and Zimbabwe to Western Australia since 1960

ROBIN, A. de Q 1971 The Life of Mathew Blagden Hale

RYAN, J.P. 1989 A Study of the Origins and Development of Chinese Immigration into Western Australia

SASSOON, J. 2001 An archaeology of memory: a biography of photographs taken by E.L. Mitchell, 1908-1930

SKENE, J. 2000 Engendering local authority: women municipal councillors in Western Australia 1920-1999

YIANNAKIS, J.N. 1993 Castellorizian Migration and Settlement to Western Australia 1890-1990

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