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Master of Philosophy theses on WA topics - all WA universities

Please note that this list is a research tool only. Copies of theses are not held at CWAH.

We recommend you contact the relevant institution to obtain access.

  1. Murdoch University (1984-1998)
  2. University of Western Australia (1988-1999)

Murdoch University (1984-1998)

BATTERHAM, L. 1998 A history of union organisation of laundry work in Western Australia 1912-1975

BRANIFF, V. 1984 St Ildephonsus’ College, New Norcia 1913-1964

DAWES, W. 1997 A History of Australia-Japan trade: a Western Australian perspective

GALLOWAY, D.L. 1995 The Western Australian Baptists Between the Wars 1918-1939

McCARTHY, M. 1989 Charles Edward Broadhurst (1826-1905). A Remarkable Nineteenth Century Failure

POPE, R.B. 1989 Postal Services in Western Australia 1826-1901. The Growth of an Organisation

PORTER, A.E. 1990 Biography of Geoffrey Tremayne Sambell 1914-1980. Archbishop of Perth 1969-1980

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University of Western Australia (1988-1999)

ALONI, L. 1995 Alternative Societies in Representative Texts by Australian Women Writers of Science Fiction 1870-1992

BANKS, J. 1999 The Effect of the Howard Government’s Family Policy on the Working Poor

BENNETT, A. 1989 Growing up on the Wrong Side of the Tracks: Perceptions of Childhood in Western Australia in the first half of the Twentieth century as Reflected in Seven Autobiographies of the 1980s

BROUN, J. 1992 Aboriginal Theatre in Western Australia

CHOU, C. 1988 ‘Black must go White’: The removal of part-Aboriginal children from their Mothers – an Exploration of the Policy of A.O. Neville, Chief Protector of Aborigines, 1915-1940

EASTON, J. 1990 The Language of the Nor-West and Kimberley Frontier 1881-1900

FERGUSON, A. 1992 Sex shops in Western Australia – the establishment of sex shops in Western Australia and their impact upon the community 1965-1992

GOODING, J. 1988 ‘One Man’s Vision’: A study of Western Australian art collector, Claude Hotchin 1989-1977

HISLOP, K. 1996 Architecting Australian History

JAMES, C. 1995 Do Rights Work? A Critique of the Legal Response to Domestic Violence in Australia

KING, M. 1988 Women and Motherhood in Western Australia 1945-1988

LINGANE, L. 1989 Aborigines in the West Australian Press in Australia’s Bicentenary Years: How Aborigines were represented in the Non-Aboriginal Press: How they represented themselves in the Aboriginal Press: Whether the perception of Aborigines by non-Aborigines changed in the press during 1988

McKENZIE, F. 1993 Between the Lines: Diaries and Letters as a Window on the Life of Some Middle Class Women in the Colonial Era in Western Australia

MULCAHY, C.M. 1990 A Survey of Irish Migration and settlement in the Australian Colonies in the later part of the Nineteenth century with an emphasis on a Western Australian family

MURRAY, D. 1998 The Public Parent. Western Australian Child Welfare Files and the Construction of Wards and their Families 1965-1979

MURRAY, S. 1990 Breaking the Rules: Women and Fertility Control in Western Australia

NISBET, D. 1995 Migrant Women From Italy 1950-1960s and From Vietnam 1970-90s. A Study of Their Settlement Experience in Western Australia

PONTRE, J. 1996 The Economic and Social Impact of Tourism on Regional Western Australia

ROBINSON, J. 1995 The Knife and the Breast: A Reading of the Medicalised Breast in Australia Since the 1960s

ROBINSON, R. 1996 White Women Writing About Black Women in Western Australia 1830-1930

SABBIONI, J. 1990 Aboriginal and Higher Education in Western Australia

THOROGOOD, C. 1989 A Feminist Analysis of Maternity Care in Western Australia

VIEIRA, J. 1989 Portuguese Migrant Women in Post-War Western Australia

WADLEY 1997 ‘Through Silent Country’

WILLIS, B. 1995 Aborigines and the Defence Forces in Western Australia in World War II

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