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Master of Arts theses on WA topics - all WA universities

Please note that this list is a research tool only. Copies of theses are not held at CWAH.

We recommend you contact the relevant institution to obtain access.

  1. Curtin University (2008-2016)
  2. Edith Cowan University (1995-2016)
  3. Murdoch University (1997-2016)
  4. University of Notre Dame (2007-2016)
  5. University of Western Australia (1929-2016)

Curtin University (2008-2016)

INGRAM, C. 2008 Parks, people and planning: local perceptions of park management on the Ningaloo Coast, North West Cape, Western Australia

REID, D. 2008 French exploration and intentions with regard to the west coast of Australia 1772-1829

Edith Cowan University (1995-2016)

BYRNE, G. 1995 An Analysis of the Social Profile of the Kilfoyles of Rosewood Station

CAI, T. 1999 Astride two worlds: the Chinese response to changing citizenship in Western Australia (1901-1973)

FLETCHER, D. 1995 The Woman in the Dock is a Monster – Female Criminality in Perth 1890-1915

GROVES, J. 2009 Often harshly treated: Girls and young women in 1957 Perth

TOGNINI, M. 2012 A struggle for recognition: the War Widow's Guild in Western Australia 1946-1975; and, Exegisis: Research and writing an organisational history

WATT, M. 1996 The Stunned and the Stymied, the P.O.W. Experience in the  History of the 2/11th Infantry Battalion, 1939-1945: a Cogent Argument for the Inclusion on Non-Operational Strands of Warfare in Official Military History.

Murdoch University (1997-2016)

BIZZACA, K. 1997 A history of the development of the heritage movement and the establishment of heritage policy in the city of Fremantle (1955-1982)

CAIRNS, L. 1997 Women’s work in the Swan River Colony 1829-1850

CHANDLER, L. 1997 The development of Yanchep Caves as a tourist destination 1900-1941

CHINNERY, R. 2003 The public garden in Stirling Square, Perth, 1845-1920

DURNELL, M. 1997 The happy holiday scheme: an investigation into the Country Women’s Association’s provision of sea-side holidays for rural children in Western Australia, 1937-1949

GURNEY-PRINGLE, 1998 The concept of heritage precincts and legislative implications for WA: the City of Melville’s Heathcote heritage precinct

LONGWORTH, A. 1999 Mary Belshaw and the Badjaling mission1930-1954

MONK, I. 2000 A history of the Conservation Council of Western Australia 1967-1977

MORRISON, J. 2006 Bad habits temptation and the divided self: a work of fiction and a critical accompaniment using the lunatic asylum, the theatre and the uncanny motif of the double, in the context of nineteenth-century Fremantle, to explore female sexuality and fractured

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University of Notre Dame (2007-2016)

CAUNT, H. 2007 From Dream to Reality: A study of British migration to Western Australia in the 1960s, with special emphasis on those who travelled on the SS Castel Felice

O'BRIEN, O. 2011 Martin Griver: A biographical study of a missionary, visionary and colonial bishop in Western Australia, 1814-86 

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University of Western Australia (1929-2016)

ADAMS, F.D. 1973 A Biography of Sir Newton James Moore with special reference to his role in Western Australian politics

BISKUP, D.M. 1966 Native Administration and Welfare in Western Australia 1897-1954

BLACK, D.W. 1974 The National Party in Western Australia 1917-1930

BOLTON, G.C. 1953 A Survey of the Kimberley Pastoral Industry 1885-1890

BOYCE, P.J. 1962 The Role of the Governor in the Crown Colony of Western Australia, 1829-1890

BROWN, M. 1981 Western Australians and the World: Anti-War Organisations as a Case Study 1919-1939

BROWN, P.M. 1990 The Tight Little Merchant Group of Fremantle 1870-1900

BURGESS, E.L. 1929 Australind: An Attempt at Settlement in Western Australia

BUTTFIELD, E.S. 1979 The Daglish Ministry 1904-1905

BYRNE, N.F. 1959 A Historical Survey of the Western Australian Electoral System: 1917-1956

CLAPHAM, N.P. 1949 The Development of Local Government in Western Australia 1838-1906

CLARKE, F.G. 1969 The Democratic Labor Party in Western Australia

COOK, J. 1983 A History of the Library Board of Western Australia 1952-1976

COOK, M. 1994 Whitlam and US Policy: A Press Perspective

DAVIDSON, R.F. 1980 Prostitution in Perth and Fremantle and on the Eastern Goldfields 1895-September 1939

DEACON, J.E. 1947 A Survey of the Historical Development of the Avon Valley, with Particular Reference to York, Western Australia, during the years 1830-1850

DE GARIS, B.K. 1963 A Political Biography of Sir Hal Colebatch

FISHER, L.M. 1992 Dance Class – A history of professional dance and dance training in Western Australia 1895-1940

FOX, C.J. 1979 Off-course betting in Western Australia 1934-1954

GAVA, D.M. 1978 The History of Italian Migrants in Osborne – Wanneroo 1900-1950

GORE, R. 1975 The Western Australian Legislative Council, 1890-1970: Aspects of a House of Review

GOW, R. 1972 The Formulation of Australian Defence Policy 1918-1923

GRELLIER, M. 1989 Aspects of the History of Women and the Family in Mid-Nineteenth Century Western Australia

HALBERT, C. 1996 Music, Language and Style in Perth Fanzines

HARMAN, B. 1993 Out of Mind, Out of Sight: Women Incarcerated as Insane in Western Australia 1858-1908

HARRIS, M. 1931 C.Y. O’Connor

HASLUCK, P. 1940 A Survey of Native Policy in Western Australia 1829-1897

HEFREN, A.L. 1946 A survey of Australian opinion on the subject of Japan, as revealed by a study of the chief newspapers of all Australian states during the period 1st January 1936 to 31st December 1939

HENDERSON, G. 1977 From Sail to Steam: Shipping in Western Australia 1870-1890

HONNIBALL, 1974 The Life and Times of Sir Frederick Palgrave Barlee J.H.M.

HUNT, I.L. 1957 A History of Group Settlement in Western Australia

HUNT, L. 1974 A Political Biography of Walter Hartwell James 1894-1904

HUNT, S.J. 1984 Women of the North: A Study of Women’s Experiences in Northern W.A. 1860-1900

HYAMS, B.K. 1984 The political organization of farmers in Western Australia from 1914-1944

JOHNSON, L.W. 1956 A History of the Collie Coal Mining Industry

JOSKE, E.J.P. 1973 Health and Hospital: A Study of Community Welfare in Western Australia, 1829-1855

KELLY, G.J. 1958 A History of the Champion Bay District

McCOLL, J. 1991 Freedom to Choose: The Life Experiences of the 1954-1958 Cohort of Girls at Perth Modern School

McGOWAN, E.E. 1969 An Economic and Social History of Leonora: the rise and fall of a gold town

McINTYRE, L. 1972 Trade Unionism and Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration – Western Australia 1900-1914

McKENZIE, J. 1981 The Birth of Subiaco

MERRITT, J.A. 1964 George Foster Pearce: Labour Leader

MOSSENSON, D. 1952 Gold and Politics: the Influence of the Eastern Goldfields on the political development of Western Australia 1894-1909

PAULEY, T. 2004 Female Immigration from South Africa and Zimbabwe to Western Australia since 1960

PERVAN, R.F. 1966 The Western Australian Labor Movement 1933-1947

POPRZECZNY, J.J. 1975 The Australian Wheat Trade with China with particular emphasis on the period 1960-72

POTTER, S. 2009 Pathways to respectability and upward social mobility: twelve white-collar convicts in the Swan River colony

RICHARDS, R. 1988 The Murray District of Western Australia 1890-1920 Economic Change and its social consequences

ROBERTSON, J.R. 1958 The Scaddan Government and the Conscription Crisis 1911-1917

ROBINSON, D.L. 1979 A Demographic and Social History of Perth and suburbs: 1901-1911

RUSSO, G.H. 1973 Bishop Salvado’s Plan to Civilize and Christianize Aborigines 1846-1900

SAMPSON, A.J. 1958 A History of Wesleyan Methodism in Western Australia

SHEPHERD, B. 1975 A History of the Pearling Industry off the North-West Coast of Australia from its origins until 1916

SMITH, B.J. 1963 Early Western Australian Literature: a guide to colonial and goldfields life

SMITH, J.H. 1994 A Native Born Clergy of Our Own: A Study of Theological Education in the Anglican Province of Western Australia 1829-1985

STANNAGE, C.T. 1967 Electoral Politics in Western Australia: 1884-1897

STAPLES, A.C. 1949 The Historical Development of the Harvey District up to 1895

STEN, T. 1934 A survey of Agricultural Development in the Hay River Area of Western Australia

STEVENSON, L.J. 1983 Fremantle Prison in the 1890s

STRONACH, C. 2000 The fall and rise of the Golden Mile: the depression and recovery of gold mining on the Eastern Goldfields of W.A., 1925-1934

STRONG, D. 1985 Australian Jesuit Secondary Education Theory and Practice 1856-1950

TAYLOR, D.G. 1918 Agricultural Bank and Industries Assistance Board

TROTMAN, A.H. 1947 A History of Coolgardie

WALKER, W. 2005 Western Australia's coastal shipping: the struggle for control 1863-1914

WALLACE, H. 1999 Mary Amelia Wollaston (1791-1874): a biography

WATT, E.D. 1958 The Secession Movement in Western Australia

WELBORN, S. 1979 Western Australian Soldiers and the Great War of 1914-1918

WILLIS, E. 1982 Protestant Churches and Churchmen in Western Australia 1890-1914

WOLFE, A. 2003 A cruel business – a history of the whaling industry at Albany, Western Australia

WOOD, M.E. 1942 Explorations in the Southwest of Western Australia 1827-1838

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