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Issue 31

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  • Deborah Gare
  • Shane Burke


  • Issue 31, 2016.


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    • Introduction
      Deborah Gare and Shane Burke

    The Frontier of Empire

    • In the Beginning: Empire, faith and conflict in Fremantle
      Deborah Gare

    • A Culture for All: Servant class behaviour at the Swan River in the context of the British Empire
      Shane Burke

    • Picturesque Fremantle: Early colonial paintings and the long reach of Britain’s aesthetic device
      Julia Alessandrini

    Conflict and Criminality

    • Reform and Punishment: Fremantle Prison, 1850 to 1890
      Olimpia Cullity

    • Outcast Women: Crime, gender and the politics of respectability in Fremantle, 1900 to 1939
      Leigh Straw

    War and the Long Reach of Empire

    • Canon Moore Goes to War: Fremantle, 1914 to 1917
      Bill Leadbetter

    • Fremantle Reunion: Prisoners of War and Submarine Warfare
      Michael Sturma

    • Fremantle: Reflections of a child migrant
      Michael McCarthy

    The Politics of Faith and the Conflict of Activism

    • Places of Worship in Fremantle, 1829 to 1900
      Steve Errington

    • Conflict on the Waterfront: Fremantle Dock Workers and ‘New Unionism’, 1889 to 1945
      Bobbie Oliver

    • ‘Preservation and Change?’ The contested space of Fremantle’s heritage
      Kristy Bizzaca

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    Book Reviews

    • Geoffrey Bolton, Paul Hasluck: A life
      Stuart MacIntyre

    • Annie Boyd, Koombana Days
      Michael McCarthy

    • Penelope Hetherington, The Marriage Knot:Marriage and divorce in Colonial Western Australia, 1829-1900
      Nell Musgrove

    • Peter Kennedy, Tales from Boom Town: Western Australian Premiers from Brand to Barnett
      Robert Pascoe

    • John J. Taylor, Between Duty and Design: The architect soldier Sir J.J. Talbot Hobbs
      John R Stephens

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