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Issue 30

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  • Ann Curthoys
  • Jane Lydon


  • Issue 30, 2016.


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    • Introduction: Section 70 of the Western Australian Constitution Act 1889: ‘Throwing Dust in the Eyes of the People’
      Jane Lydon

    • Professor Peter Walter Johnston
      A Tribute to a True Scholar, Advocate for Justice and Friend
      Sarah Murray

    • The Impossibility of Section 70
      Aboriginal Protection, Amelioration, and the Contradiction of Humanitarian Governance
      Ann Curthoys

    • Crown Land, Territorial Integrity and Responsible Government in Western Australia
      Jeremy Martens

    • 'Too Many Kill ‘em. Too Many Make ‘em Ill’
      The Commission into Rottnest Prison as the Context for Section 70
      Katherine Roscoe
    • Christian Heroes?
      John Gribble, Exeter Hall and Antislavery on Western Australia’s Frontier
      Jane Lydon

    • 'An Excess of Humanity?’
      The Kimberley District and Section 70 of the Western Australian Constitution
      Chris Owen

    • ‘The Deliberate Rape of a Splendid People’
      The 1 Per Cent Campaign in the 1950s
      Anne Scrimgeour

    • The Aboriginal 1 Per Cent Guarantee
      Litigating the Issues: Insights and Lessons
      Peter Johnston and Steven Churches

    • ‘Confusion in the Labyrinth’
      Section 70, the Constitution and Societal Change
      Sarah Murray

    • The Stories We Tell
      Law, Narratives and an Aboriginal Perspective on Section 70 of the Western Australian Constitution
      Ambelin Kwaymullina

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    Book Reviews

    • Philip Goldswain, Nicole Sully and William M. Taylor (eds), Out of Place (Gwalia): Occasional Essays on Australian Regional Communities and Built Environments in Transition
      Matthew Tonts

    • Sue Graham-Taylor, Shark Bay Pastoral Voices
      Geoffrey Bolton

    • Steve Hawke, A Town is Born: The Fitzroy Crossing Story
      Malcolm Allbrook

    • Bob Reece, The Invincibles. New Norcia’s Aboriginal Cricketers 1879-1906
      Ed Jaggard

    • Deborah Gare and Madison Lloyd-Jones, When War Came to Fremantle
      Bob Reece

    • John Dowson, Off to War: WWI
      Bob Reece

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