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Issue 29

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  • Issue 29, 2015.


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1.    History from the Other Side
2.    The Intellectual Challenge and the Stannage Vision
3.    Revisioning Western Australia
4.    Faith, Happiness and the Australian People
5.    Activism and Transformation
6.    On Teaching
7.    Resources
8.    Reviews


History from the Other Side

  • The Man with the Blue Guitar
    Wallace Stevens
  • Wythenoes in Gondwanaland
    Tom Stannage
  • The Making of a Historian: The Early Life of Tom Stannage
    Geoffrey Bolton
  • Moments
    Richard Nile
  • On the Sporting Field: Tom Stannage and Australian Rules Football
    Shane Burke

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The Intellectual Challenge and the Stannage Vision

  • Uncovering Poverty in Australian History
    Tom Stannage
  • Making a Difference: Tom Stannage and the UWA Tradition of Engagement
    Lenore Layman
  • On People and the Human Condition: Tom Stannage and Labour History
    Bobbie Oliver

Revisioning Western Australia

  • The People of Perth: Introduction
    Tom Stannage
  • Peopling History: Tom Stannage and Local History
    Jenny Gregory

Faith, Happiness and the Australian People

  • New Norcia in History
    Tom Stannage
  • ‘Of things beyond us as they are’ Tom Stannage and Faith in Australian History
    Katharine Massam

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Activism and Transformation

  • The Projectionist’s Nightmare
    Brian Patten
  • The Pioneer Myth
    Tom Stannage
  • The Historian as Activist: Tom Stannage and the Activism of History
    Jill Roe

On Teaching

  • The Freedom to Teach
    Tom Stannage
  • Poem for Tom
    Carolyn Wadley Dowley
  • Subversion and Freedom in the Teaching of History
    Deborah Gare

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  • The Published Works of C.T. Stannage: A Select Bibliography

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Book Reviews

  • Paul Longley Arthur and Geoffrey Bolton, Voices from the West End
    Graeme Davison
  • Cathie Clement, Jeffrey Gresham and Hamish McGlashan (eds), Kimberley History: People, Exploration and Development
    Chris Owen
  • Monty Hale (Minyjun), Kurlumarniny: We Come from the Desert
    Grant Lee
  • Lenore Layman and Criena Fitzgerald (eds), 110° in the Water Bag: A History of Life, Work and Leisure in the Leonora, Gwalia and Northern Goldfields
    Charles Fahey
  • Michael McCarthy (ed.), Shipwrecks of Australia’s West Coast
    Peter Veth
  • Brenda Niall, True North: The Story of Mary & Elizabeth Durack
    Brian Shepherd
  • Jacqueline O’Brien and Pamela Statham-Drew, Court and Camera: The Life and Times of A.H. Stone, a Pioneer Photographer and Lawyer in Perth
    Jane Lydon
  • Andrew Rule, Kerry Stokes, The Boy from Nowhere: a Great Australian Journey
    David Hough
  • Margaret Simons, Kerry Stokes: Self Made Man
    John McIlwraith
  • Leigh S.L. Straw, Drunks, Pests and Harlots: Criminal Women in Perth and Fremantle
    Raelene Frances
  • Susannah Thompson, Beyond Matta Gerup: A History of Victoria Park
    Sue Graham-Taylor
  • David Whish-Wilson, Perth
    Mathew Trinca

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