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Issue 28 - Western Australia in the Indian Ocean World

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  • Issue 28, 2013.


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  • Western Australia in the Indian Ocean World– a Land Looking West?
    Ruth A. Morgan
  • Naval Gazes: HMS Challenger, Swan River, and the Indian Ocean World c.1832
    Cindy McCreery
  • Letters across the Indian Ocean: Imagining Empire in the Private Writing of the Prinsep Family, 1866–1922
    Malcolm Allbrook
  • Pioneering the Dictation Test? The Creation and Administration of Western Australia’s Immigration Restriction Act, 1897–1901
    Jeremy C. Martens
  • ‘Most Painful and Humiliating’: the Surveillance of Sher Mohamad
    Margaret Allen
  • Welcoming the ‘Wild Men of Borneo’: South Asia, Africa and the Pursuit of a ‘Publicity Payoff’ at the 1962 British Empire & Commonwealth Games
    Michael Dawson
  • Rediscovering an Indian Ocean Connection: Commemorating HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran on the West Australian Coast
    Damien Williams
  • Indian Ocean Cuisine? Outline of an Argument on the Limits of National Cultures
    Krishnendu Ray
  • Sovereign (Dis)Embodiments: Popular Politics in the Aftermath of the War in Sri Lanka
    Sumugan Sivanesen 
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  • Rosalind Appleby, Women of Note: The Rise of Australian Women Composers
    Arabella Teniswood-Harvey
  • Kim C. Beazley, The Memoirs of Kim C. Beazley: Father of the House
    John Murphy
  • Antonio Buti, Brothers: Justice, Corruption and the Mickelbergs
    David Dixon
  • Hanifa Deen, Ali Abdul vs The King: Muslim Stories from the Dark Days of White Australia
    Raelene Frances
  • Dorothy Erickson, Gold and Silversmithing in Western Australia: A History
    Robert Baines
  • Peter Fitzsimons, Batavia
    Pieter Koster
  • Jenny Gregory (ed.), Seeking Wisdom: A Centenary History of Western Australia
    Paul Longley Arthur
  • Lenore Layman (ed.), Powering Perth: A History of the East Perth Power Station
    Sue Hart
  • Ronda Jamieson, Charles Court: I Love This Place
    B. W. Head
  • Jeremy C. Martens, Government House and Western Australian Society 1829–2010
    Cindy Lane
  • Lesley van Schoubroeck, The Lure of Politics: Geoff Gallop’s Government 2001–2006
    Mike Wood
  • Fiona Skyring, Justice: A History of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia
    Bob Reece
  • Andrea Witcomb and Kate Gregory, From the Barracks to the Burrup: The National Trust in Western Australia

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