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Religion and Society in Western Australia

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  • John Tonkin


  • 9, 1987

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers religion and society, with some emphasis on the years of the Great Depression.

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  4. Archival notes
  5. Reviews
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  • Religious Education under Attack: The Challenge to General Religious Instruction in the Western Australian Parliament
    Peter Wellock
  • The Founding Fathers of St Ildephonsus’ College, New Norcia
    Br Valerian Braniff, F. M. S.
  • Protestants and the Dispossessed in Western Australia, 1890-1910
    Elizabeth Willis
  • The Founding and Early Years of the Convent of the Good Shepherd, Leederville
    John O’Brien
  • Archbishop Geoffrey Sambell: The Making of a Social Conscience
    Anne Porter
  • Canon Robert Henry Moore: The Church of England in Western Australia and the First World War
    John Smith
  • The Anglican Church in Western Australia During the Great Depression
    John Cowdell
  • The Catholic Church in Western Australia During the Great Depression
    Katharine Massam
  • Christianity on the Coalfields: A Case-Study of Collie During the Great Depression
    Raelene Frances
  • Perth’s Greek Orthodox Community Builds its own Cathedral, 1910-1936
    John Yiannakis

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Photo story

  • Spreading the Word: Joseph Budge, Colporteur
    John Tonkin

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  • Ordained Women in the Uniting Church: Comments on Three Case Studies
    Merrilyn Watson
  • The Churches, Aborigines and the Land: Two Accounts of a Contemporary Religious Dilemma
    Fay Clampett
  • ‘Anglicans Concerned for Aborigines’ and the Swan-Valley Fringe-Dwellers
    Fay Clampett
  • The Western Australian Churches’ Response to Aboriginal Land Rights, 1970-1985
    Robert Stringer

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Archival notes

  • Records Relating to Religion in the State Archives of Western Australia
    Tom Reynolds
  • Records Relating to Religion held by Religious Bodies
    Heather Vose
  • Photographic Sources on Religious History in the J. S. Battye Library of West Australian History
    Robin South

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  • Jill Roe, Beyond Belief: Theosophy in Australia 1879-1939
    Tom Stannage
  • Connie Ellement and Ron Davidson, The Divided Kingdom
    Penelope Hetherington

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  • A Select Bibliography of Published and Unpublished Works in Western Australian Religious History
    Heather Vose

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