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European-Aboriginal Relations in Western Australian History

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  • Bob Reece
  • Tom Stannage


  • 8, 1984

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers the relationship between Aborigines and Europeans.

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  • The Battle for Pinjarra: A Revisionist View
    Christine Fletcher
  • ‘Pigeon’: an Australian Aboriginal Rebel
    Howard Pedersen
  • ‘Blood on the Saddle’: The Forrest River Massacres, 1926
    Brian Fitzgerald
  • ‘Out of Step’: the Failure of the Early Protestant Missions
    Sheila Barley
  • Bishop Salvado: a Review of the Memoirs
    Tom Stannage
  • Bishop Salvado: a Reappraisal
    Muriel Berman
  • The Gribble Affair: a Study in Colonial Politics
    Su-Jane Hunt
  • John Forrest and the Aborigines
    Elizabeth Goddard and Tom Stannage
  • European Farmers and Aboriginal Farmers in South Western Australia, mid-1890s-1914
    Anna Haebich
  • The Lock Hospitals Experiment: Europeans, Aborigines and Venereal Disease
    Mary Anne Jebb
  • Records Relating to Aborigines in the Western Australian Government Archives
    Tom Reynolds
  • Photographic Sources of Aboriginal History in Western Australia: a Guide to Major Collections in the J. S. Battye Library of West Australian History
    Robin South
  • Two Historians and the Aborigines: Kimberly and Battye
    Phyl Garrick

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Review article

  • Prisoners in their Own Country: Aborigines in Western Australian Historical Writing
    Bob Reece


  • Lois Tilbrook, Nyungar Tradition: Glimpses of Aborigines of South-Western Australia 1829-1914
    Diane E. Barwick

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