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Women in Western Australian History

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  • Patricia Crawford


  • 7, 1983

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at the role of women in the State at various times and situations.


  • The History of Australian Women
    Penelope Hetherington
  • People of Glass: Women Becoming Visible in the History of Western Australia
    Phyl Garrick
  • ‘Serfs of the Sodden Scone’? Women Workers in the Western Australian Hotel and Catering Industry 1900-1925
    Wendy Brady
  • Women’s Responses to War Work in Western Australia 1942-1946
    Gail Reekie
  • The Politics of Experience: Women in the Western Australian Clothing Trade, 1950-1970
    Christine Owen
  • Anorexia Nervosa
    Helen Maddocks
  • Document: Deborah Watt’s Narrative, 1897-1914
    Jocelyn Treasure (ed.)
  • Special Topic: Teaching about women in nineteenth-century Australia
    Margaret Brown and Patricia Crawford


  • C. T. Stannage (ed.), A New History of Western Australia
    Beverley Kingston
  • William McNair and Hilary Rumley, Pioneer Aboriginal Mission: The Work of Wesleyan Missionary John Smithies in the Swan River Colony 1840-1855
    F.G. Clarke
  • Geraldine Byrne, Valiant Women: Letters from the Foundation Sisters of Mercy in Western Australia, 1845-1849
    F. G. Clarke
  • Alexandra Hasluck, Portrait in a Mirror. An Autobiography
    Jill Roe
  • S. M. Kelly, Proud Heritage
    Ian Crawford
  • Paddy Roe, Gularabulu
    Ian Crawford
  • Anthony Splivalo, The Home Fires
    Morag Loh
  • Michael C. Howard, Aboriginal Politics in South-Western Australia
    Andrew Markus
  • Elizabeth J. Harman and Brian W. Head (eds), State, Capital and Resources in the North and West of Australia
    Ken Buckley
  • Edith Jacobson, Tinctures and Tact
    Margaret Brown
  • G. C. Bolton and P. Joske, History of Royal Perth Hospital
    Anthea Hyslop

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