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Convictism in Western Australia

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  • C. T. Stannage


  • 4, 1981

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at the introduction of convicts into the State.


  • Why Convicts I: an Economic Analysis of Colonial Attitudes to the Introduction of Convicts
    Pamela Statham
  • Why Convicts II: the Decision to Introduce Convicts to Swan River Pamela Statham
  • Who Were the Convicts?: a Statistical Analysis of the Convicts Arriving in Western Australia in 1850/51, 1861/62, and 1866/68
    Sandra Taylor
  • Petitions, Memorials and Politics in Western Australia, 1829-1849
    Andrew Gill
  • Probationary Prisoner 5270: Thomas Bushell
    Margaret Brown
  • The Census of 1861: an Intriguing Incident in Western Australian History
    Ian Vanden Driesen
  • The Fenians are Coming, the Fenians are Coming
    G. C. Bolton
  • Two Historians and Convictism: W. B. Kimberly and J. S. Battye
    Jennie Carter
  • Convictism in Western Australia
    Margaret Brown

Review Article

  • Who Were the Pensioners?
    G. C. Bolton


  • Mrs Edward Millett, An Australian Parsonage or, The Settler and the Savage in Western Australia
    Margaret Anderson
  • J. E. Thomas and Alex Stewart, Imprisonment in Western Australia: Evolution, Theory and Practice
    Lynne Stevenson
  • Donald S. Garden, Northam: an Avon Valley history
    Charles Staples