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Environmental Exchanges 27, 2011

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  • Andrea Gaynor
  • Jane Davis


  • Issue 27, 2011.


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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers environmental history in Western Australia before 1980.

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Environmental History in Western Australia before 1980
Geoffrey Bolton

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  • Islands as Arks: Nature Protection and the Preservation Ethic, 1898–1918
    Joseph Christensen
  • Wildflower Season: The Development of Native Flora Protection Legislation in Western Australia, 1911–1975
    Lise Summers
  • ‘Denizens of the Bush’ (1923–1937): James Pollard and Popular Nature Study
    Tony Hughes-d’Aeth
  • Longing or Belonging? Finding Home on the Eastern Goldfields, Western Australia, 1895–1907
    Jane Davis
  • A Thirsty City: An Environmental History of Water Supply and Demand in 1970s Perth, Western Australia
    Ruth Morgan
  • The Challenge of Creating a Scientifically-Robust Historical Description of Changing Finfish Populations in the Ningaloo Marine Park
    Brooke Fowles and Andrea Gaynor
  • A Missing History: Towards a River History of the Swan
    Sue Graham-Taylor
  • Remembering Mounts Bay: The Narrows Scheme and the Internationalisation of Perth Planning
    Jenny Gregory
  • The Radicalisation of Forest Protest in Western Australia
    Ron Chapman
  • Shaping Perth’s Suburban Landscapes: Post–1970s Suburban Planning and Development
    Sarah McQuade
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  • Simon Adams, The Unforgiving Rope: Murder and Hanging on Australia’s Western Frontier
    Dean Wilson
  • Geoffrey Bolton, Land of Vision and Mirage: Western Australia since 1826
    Beverley Kingston
  • John Dargavel, The Zealous Conservator: a Life of Charles Lane Poole
    Michael Bosworth
  • Raelene Frances, Selling Sex: A Hidden History of Prostitution
    Zoe Anderson
  • John Glover and Jenny Bevan, The Forgotten Explorers: Pioneer Geologists of Western Australia 1826–1926
    Kirsty Douglas
  • Jan Gothard, Greater Expectations: Living with Down Syndrome in the 21st Century
    David Wright
  • Jenny Gregory and Jan Gothard (eds), The Historical Encyclopedia of Western Australia
    Paul Arthur
  • Anna Haebich, Murdering Stepmothers: The Execution of Martha Rendell
    Catherine Cole
  • Penelope Hetherington, Paupers, Poor Relief and Poor Houses in Western Australia 1829-1910
    Celia Chesney
  • Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty, Among the Chosen: The Life Story of Pat Giles
    Janet L. Doust
  • John Host with Chris Owen, “It’s Still In My Heart, This Is My Country”: The Single Noongar Claim History
    Bob Reece
  • David Hough, Boans for Service: The Story of a Department Store 1895-1986
    D.T. Merrett
  • Jacqueline O’Brien and Pamela Statham, On We Go the Wittenoom Way: The Legacy of a Colonial Chaplain
    Greg Melleuish
  • Wes Olson, Gallipoli: The Western Australian Story
    Cathie Clement
  • Tiffany Shellam, Shaking Hands on the Fringe: Negotiating the Aboriginal World at King George’s Sound
    Henry Reynolds
  • Stefano Skurla, The Stefano Castaways, John Melville-Jones (ed.), Amedeo Sala (trans.)
    Joseph Christensen
  • Ken Spillman, Fifty and Counting: Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital’s First Half Century
    Yolande Collins
  • Joyce Westrip and Peggy Holroyde, Colonial Cousins: A Surprising History of Connections Between India and Australia
    Margaret Allen

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