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Issue 26 - Ethics and the Practice of History

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  • Cathie Clement


  • Issue 26, 2010


This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers Ethics and the Practice of History.

  1. Introduction
  2. Historians and ethics
  3. Matters of practice
  4. Oral history
  5. Contested history
  6. Book reviewing
  7. Reviews


  • Polarity, Partiality and the Ethical Practice of History
    Cathie Clement

Historians and ethics

  • Is there an Ethics for Historians?
    Alan Tapper
  • Teaching and Learning History, Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility
    Sean Brawley and John Gascoigne
  • Can Historians be Trusted with the Past? (Transcript of a panel presentation chaired by Bill Leadbetter)
    Kim Scott, Loretta Baldassar, Mark Ritter, Victoria Laurie

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Matters of practice

  • Nartj Katitj Bidi Ngulluckiny Koorl? (Which Knowledge Path Will We Travel?)
    Len Collard and Sandra Harben
  • Tensions, Past and Present: Reflections on Practising History
    Tiffany Shellam
  • But it is History? Heritage and the Historian
    Michal Bosworth
  • Selling the Past: Problems, Pitfalls and Predicaments for a Professional Historian
    Ian Duckham

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Oral history

  • Ethical Imperatives in Oral History Practice
    Lenore Layman
  • Oral History, Ethics, Intellectual Disability and Empowerment: An Inside Perspective
    Jan Gothard
  • ‘I didn’t talk to anybody’: Reflections on Researching the History of Perinatal Loss in Australia
    Susannah Thompson

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Contested history 

  • Reflections on Oombulgurri
    Geoffrey Bolton
  • Forrest River, The Angel of Mons and Some Epistemological Markers: A Rejoinder to Professor Geoffrey Bolton
    Rod Moran
  • Dilemmas, Dramas and Damnation in Contested History
    Neville Green

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Book reviewing

  • A Reflection on Twenty ears as a Book Reviewer
    Ken Spillman
  • Confessions of a (Book) Critic
    Anne Partlon
  • History, Politics and the Bradshaws of the Kimberley
    Ian Wilson

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  • Ron Davidson, Fremantle Impressions
    Michal Bosworth
  • David Hutchison, Many Years a Thief
    Michal Bosworth
  • Patrick Bertola and Bobbie Oliver (eds), The Workshops: A History of the Midland Government Railway Workshops
    Bradley Bowden
  • Bobbie Oliver, Jean Beadle: A Life of Labor Activism
    Dianne Davidson
  • Andrea Gaynor, Harvest of the Suburbs: An Environmental History of Growing Food in Australian Cities
    Tony Dingle
  • Criena Fitzgerald, Kissing Can be Dangerous: The Public Health Campaigns to Prevent and Control Tuberculosis in Western Australia
    Cecily Hunter
  • Quentin Beresford, Rob Riley: An Aboriginal Leader’s Quest for Justice
    Jessica Panegyres
  • Penelope Hetherington, Twentieth Century Woman
    Susie Protschky
  • Michael Nash (ed.), Shipwreck Archaeology in Australia
    Corioli Souter
  • George Seddon and Gillian Lilleyman, A Landscape for Learning: A History of the Grounds of the University of Western Australia
    Tom Wilson

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