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Issue 25 - Social Policy in Western Australia

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  • Charlie Fox


  • 25, 2007


This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers Social policy in Western Australia as far back as the mid-nineteenth century.

  1. Introduction
  2. Articles
  3. Reviews
  4. Letter to the editor


  • Charlie Fox


  • A Means of Punishment: The Mount Eliza Depot, 1878-1905
    Wade Matthews
  • ‘I am a Poor Woman’: Gender, Poor Relief and the Poorhouse in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Western Australia
    Kellie Abbott & Celia Chesney
  • The Distribution of an Offensive Population: Classification and Convicts in Fremantle Prison, 1850-1865
    Peter Millett
  • The Rise and Fall of Rehabilitation in the Western Australian Prison System, 1966-1991
    Norman Megahey
  • Baby Farming in Western Australia: The Case Against Alice Mitchell, 1907
    Penelope Hetherington
  • ‘Inefficients at best and criminal at worst’:Juvenile Delinquency in Western Australia during the Interwar Years
    Rosemary Kerr
  • The Children’s Protection Society: Child Protection in Western Australia, 1906-1930
    Towards a Medical-Welfare Model
    Leanne Rowe
  • The Origins of Mental Health Social Work in Western Australia: A Psychiatric ‘Re-conception’
    Marcia Foley
  • Compensating the Tubercular Miner: An Occupational Health Solution to a Public Health Problem
    Criena Fitzgerald
  • ‘Awakened by angels’: Personal Narratives of Perinatal Death in Late Twentieth-Century Western Australia and Their Effect on Hospital Policies and Programmes
    Susannah Thompson

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Exhibition review

  • ‘Escape! Fremantle to Freedom’ – A Touring Exhibition reviewed when on display at Fremantle Prison
    Ian Chambers

Book reviews

  • Sue Davenport, Peter Johnson & Yuwali, Cleared Out: First Contact in the Western Desert
    Malcolm Allbrook
  • Geoffrey Bolton, Richard Rossiter & Jan Ryan (eds), Farewell Cinderella: Creating Arts and Identity in Western Australia
    Glen Phillips
  • Val Colic-Peisker, Split Lives: Croatian Australian Stories
    Michal Bosworth
  • Jenny Gregory, City of Light: A History of Perth since the 1950s
    Graeme Davison
  • Kate Auty, Black Glass: Australian Courts of Native Affairs 1936-54
    Neville Green
  • Michal Bosworth, Convict Fremantle: A Place of Promise and Punishment
    Peter Millett
  • Leigh S.L. Straw, A Semblance of Scotland: Scottish Identity in Colonial Western Australia
    Iain Brash
  • Hal G.P. Colebatch, Steadfast Knight: A Life of Sir Hal Colebatch
    Brian de Garis
  • Anne Partlon, Harps in the Mulga: A Bibliographical Guide to the Irish in Western Australia, 1829-2003
    Clement Mulcahy
  • Edie Wright, Full Circle: From Mission to Community:A Family Story
    Ian Duckham
  • Jeff Hatwell, No Ordinary Determination: Percy Black and Harry Murray of the First AIF
    Ian Chambers
  • Penelope Hetherington, Settlers, Servants and Slaves: Aboriginal and European Children in Nineteenth-Century Western Australia
    Natalie Lloyd
  • Mary Anne Jebb, Blood, Sweat and Welfare: A History of White Bosses and Aborginal Pastoral Workers
    Chris Owen
  • Tim Chappell with Janina Milek, The Persian Blanket: The Life of Janina Milek
    Paul Sendzuik
  • Liz Reed, Bigger than Gallipoli: War, History and Memory in Australia
    Peter Stanley
  • Michelle McKeough, Rescues, Rogues and Rough Seas: 150 Years of the Water Police in Western Australia
    Peter Millett
  • Kim Torney, Babes in the Bush: The Making of an Australian Image
    Penelope Hetherington
  • Richard Kreider, The Soccerites
    Roy Hay
  • Bobbie Oliver, Unity is Strength: A History of the Australian Labor Party and the Trades and Labor
    Council in Western Australia, 1899-1999

    Frank Bongiorno
  • Raelene Wilding and Farida Tilbury (eds), A Changing People: Diverse Contributions to the State of Western Australia
    Michal Bosworth
  • Ian Duckham, Serving the Servants-Serving the State: A Brief History of the Institute of Public Administration of Australia,
    WA Division 1945-2005

    Harry C.J. Phillips
  • Lyn Adams, Orchard and Mill: The Story of Bill Lee, South West Pioneer
    Ken Spillman

Letter to the editor

  • A response from the editors of History and Native Title, 23, 2003

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