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Issue 23 - History and Native Title

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  • Christine Choo
  • Shawn Hollbach


  • 23, 2003


This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers one of today's most debated issues.

  1. Introduction
  2. Indigenous voices
  3. Historiography, sources and processes
  4. Reviews
  5. Book reviews


  • History and Native Title: a brief overview
    Shawn Hollbach and Christine Choo
  • Some Key Developments in Native Title Case Law since Mabo (No.2) National Native Title Tribunal

Indigenous voices

  • The Natives are Restless: a personal reflection on ten years of native title
    Tony Lee
  • 'Our struggle as Kimberley Aboriginal peoples, is for the recognition of inherent and fundamental rights, interests and responsibilities in land'
    Wayne Bergmann
  • 'Our primary aim is to have land access ourselves, to occupy our lands, to visit our lands'
    Brian Wyatt
  • 'The transmission of stories, history and cultural knowledge within the Noongar community is alive and well'
    Darryl Pearce
  • 'We Aboriginal people are the first custodians of this country and have to be recognised fairly uniquely and have a say'
    Fred Taylor

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Historiography, sources and processes

  • History Wars: Debates about History in the Native Title Process
    Fiona Skyring
  • 'Snapshots of adventitious content': The Assessment of Oral and Historical Evidence in Native Title Claims
    Harriet Ketley and Claire Ozich
  • Paradigms and Syllogism: Some Applications of Oral History Methodology to Native Title
    Bruce Shaw
  • Ghost Files: The Missing Files of the Department of Indigenous Affairs Archives
    Lauren Marsh and Steve Kinnane
  • Deafening Silences: Understanding Frontier Relations and the Discourse of Police Files through the Kimberley Police Records
    Christine Choo and Chris Owen
  • The Historical Process of Dispossession of Indigenous Lands in Western Australia and British Columbia
    Peggy Brock
  • James Stirling and Pinjarra
    Pamela Statham
  • Trashing Heritage: Dilemmas of Rights and Power in the Operation of Western Australia's Heritage Legislation
    David Ritter
  • Some Useful Websites relating to Research on Native Title
    Compiled by Kate Morton

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  • Curatorial Statement: The Proclamation Day Arch-Visual Artists in the Museum – Jo Darbyshire
  • Exhibition Review: New ways of looking at an old hall: Western Australia: Land and People – Brian Shepherd
  • Play Review: Recovering histories of joy and sorrow in The Career Highlights of the MAMU – Helen Grehan

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Book reviews

  • Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee [Australia], Lost Innocents: Righting the Record. Report on Child Migration
    Patrick Duane
  • John Bailey,