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Issue 22 - Wordal

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  • Jill Milroy
  • John Host
  • Tom Stannage


  • 22, 2001

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal focuses on Aboriginal history, including the Stolen Generation.

  1. Articles
  2. Three discourses on Rottnest
  3. The Stolen Generation collection
  4. Book reviews


  • Colonisation
    Gladys Milroy
  • Towards an Aboriginal Labour History
    John Host and Jill Milroy
  • On the Freedom Track to Narawunda – The Pilbara Aboriginal Pastoral Workers' Strike, 1946-1998
    Julie Armstrong
  • 'We Were Proper Horsemen, Us': Aboriginal Women – Workers of the Outback
    Beatrice Laufer
  • For Marbles – Aboriginal People in the Early Pearling Industry of the North-West
    Sumi Kwaymullina
  • 'Just an Ordinary Thing' – Tony Ozies' Application for an Aboriginal Citizenship Certificate
    Tony Ozies and Tamara Hunter
  • The Myth of Equality – The Denial of Citizenship Rights for Aboriginal People in Western Australia
    Tamara Hunter
  • What is East Perth's Heritage?
    Melissa Milton-Smith
  • '… No Jury Will Convict' – An Account of Racial Killings in Western Australia
    Hannah McGlade & Jeannine Purdy

Three discourses on Rottnest

  • Greetings from Rottnest
    Sally Morgan
  • Wadjemup: Snatched from the heartland …
    Graeme Dixon
  • Wadjemup: Holiday Paradise or Prison Hell-Hole
    Blaze Kwaymullina

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The Stolen Generation collection

  • Mother and Child
    Gladys Milroy
  • Life in Sister Kate's Home – An Oral History Perspective
    Tjalaminu Mia
  • My Only Question: Why? – A Brief Life of Rosemary Conway
    Roseanne Feehon
  • Sorry Day Address
    Professor Tom Stannage
  • Sorry Day Address
    Professor Alan Robson
    UWA Vice Chancellor
  • The Stolen Generations – John Herron and the Politics of Denial
    John Host and Jill Milroy

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Book reviews

  • Carolyn Wadley Dowley, Through Silent Country
    Peter Read
  • Anna Haebich, Broken Circles: Fragmenting Indigenous Families 1800-2000
    Tim Rowse
  • Jolly Read and Peter Coppin, Kangkushot: The Life of Nyamal Lawman Peter Coppin
    Victoria Haskins
  • Stannage, Saunders & Nile, Paul Hasluck in Australian History: Civic Personality and Public Life
    Ann Curthoys
  • Malcolm Turnbull, Safe Haven: Records of the Jewish Experience in Australia
    Craig Wilcox
  • Barry Coldrey, Good British Stock: Child and Youth Migration in AustraliaRaelene Frances
  • David Dutton, Citizenship in Australia
    Raelene Frances
  • Vera Whittington, Sister Kate: A life dedicated to children in need
    Christine Choo
  • Records Relating to Aboriginal People and the Administration of Aboriginal Affairs held by the State Records Office of Western Australia
    Damien Hassan

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