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Being Australian Women: Belonging, Citizenship and Identity

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  • Cheryl Lange


  • 21, 2000

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at what being Australian means to women of diverse times and backgrounds.

  1. Articles
  2. Feature essay
  3. Book reviews


  • Gender, Ethnicity and Transnational Citizenship – Italian-Australian Experiences
    Loretta Baldassar
  • First Generation Polish Women in Western Australia – Matka Polka and National Identity
    Kerry Evans
  • 'Just a piece of paper' – Dutch Women in Australia
    Nonja Peters
  • No Man’s Land – Re-orienting Citizenship for Chinese Malaysian Women in Australia
    Jan Ryan
  • 'I myself think I’m Australian' – Belonging and Identity among Vietnamese-Australian Women
    Cheryl Lange and Diana Nisbet
  • 'Parted from my origins' – Iranian Women Re-constructing Identity
    Nezhat Toolo and Siavash Shakibaee
  • Croatian and Bosnian Migration to Australia in the 1990s
    Val Colic-Peisker

Feature essay

  • 'The Good Australians' – Multiculturalism and the Anglo-Indian Diaspora
    Glenn D’Cruz

Book reviews

  • Jenny Mills, I Buried My Dolls in the Garden: The Life and Work of Elizabeth Blair Barber
    Janda Gooding
  • David Day, John Curtin: A Life
    Bobbie Oliver
  • Ghassan Hage, White Nation
    Nikolaos Millios
  • Laksiri Jayasuriya, Racism, Immigration and the Law. The Australian Experience
    Raymond Evans
  • Betty E. Verolme, The Children’s House of Belson
    Judith Berman
  • National Archives of Australia. Guides and teachers kits. Celebrations in our History, Exploring Citizenship, and Voices for Democracy
    Graeme Lock
  • Australian History on the World Wide Web: Don’t just do something, sit there
    P J Martyr

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