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The Irish in Western Australia

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  • Bob Reece


  • 20, 2000

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at the history of the Irish in Western Australia.

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  2. Book reviews


  • The Irish R.M. – Captain John Molloy of the Vasse
    Gil Hardwick
  • George Fletcher Moore
    James Cameron
  • The Revd George King
    Bob Reece
  • Friends and Neighbours – The Irish of Toodyay
    Rica Erickson
  • Joseph Noonan – Fenian Success Story
    Gillian O'Mara
  • A Trinity Man Abroad – Sir Winthrop Hackett
    Geoffrey Bolton
  • Mulcahy Bros
    Clement M. Mulcahy
  • Champion of the Goldfields – John Waters Kirwan
    Anne Partlon
  • 'I'm an Australian and speak as such' – the Perth Irish community's responses to event in Ireland, 1900-1914
    Ian Chambers
  • Ronan Country – Jim and Tom Ronan in the North West
    Don Grant
  • Not For Economic Gain – Elise Butler in Western Australia
    Jean Chetkovich
  • Mary Durack: A Tribute
    Elizabeth Durack, Margaret O'Doherty, Joe O'Sullivan, Joan Walsh-Smith, Sr Veronica Brady
  • 'Singers Standing on the Outer Rim' – Writing about the Irish in WA
    Ann Partlon

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Book reviews

  • Steve Mickler, The Myth of Privilege: Aboriginal Status, Media Visions, Public Ideas
    Malcolm Allbrook
  • Katharine Massam, Sacred Threads
    Veronica Brady
  • Bart Srhoy, Journey Beyond Origin
    Jean Chetkovich
  • Ruth Marchant James, Fields of Gold: a History of the Dominican Sisters in Western Australia; Cork to Capricorn: a History of the Presentation Sisters in Western Australia 1891-1991
    Toby Burrows
  • Neville Green and Susan Moon, Far From Home: Aboriginal Prisoners of Rottnest Island 1838-1931
    Mary Anne Jebb
  • William J. Lines, False Economy: Australia in the Twentieth Century Tom Griffiths
  • Geoffrey Bolton and Jenny Gregory, Claremont: A History
    Allan Mayne
  • Catherine Kovesi Killerby, Ursula Frayne: A Biography
    Rita Farrell
  • Harry Phillips, David Black, Bruce Bott, Tamara Fischer, Representing the People: Parliamentary Government in Western Australia
    Allan Peachment

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