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Studies in Western Australian History

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  • 2, 1978

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal focuses on WA in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


  • Cleansing the Dunghill: Water Supply and Sanitation in Perth 1878-1912
    Su-Jane Hunt and Geoffrey Bolton
  • Politicians and Aborigines in Queensland and Western Australia 1897-1907
    Suzanne Welborn
  • Walter James and the Campaign for Federation
    Lyall Hunt
  • The 1900 Federal Referendum in Western Australia
    Wendy Hillman


  • Mary Durack, To be Heirs Forever
    Marian Aveling
  • The Salvado Memoirs, trans. E. J. Stormon
    Sylvia J. Hallam
  • Max Brown, The Black Eureka
    Raymond Evans
  • Sean Glynn, Government Policy and Agricultural Development
    Steve Dyer
  • Malcolm Uren, The City of Melville
    John McKenzie
  • J. A. La Nauze, Walter Murdoch
    Paul Hasluck