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Women and Citizenship: Suffrage Centenary

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  • Patricia Crawford
  • Judy Skene


  • 19, 1999

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at women and citizenship.

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  2. Book reviews


  • White Women, Aboriginal Women and the Vote in Western Australia
    Patricia Grimshaw and Katherine Ellinghaus
  • Votes For All Women Racialised Silences in Western Australian Suffrage Historiography
    Jasmina Brankovich
  • Images of Women in Western Australian Politics: The Suffragist, Edith Cowan and Carmen Lawrence
    Joan Evelineand Michael Booth
  • A Challenge to Human Rights: Aboriginal Women in the West Kimberley
    Christine Choo
  • Amending the Suffrage Story: Local Government in Western Australia, 1876-1999
    Judy Skene
  • 'Who Would Sew His Buttons On?': Gender Roles and Rhetoric in the Western Australian Parliament, 1893-1899
    Serje Jones
  • 'A Truly Great Australian Woman': Jean Beadle's Work among Western Australian Women and Children, 1901-1942
    Bobbie Oliver
  • A Citizen of Australia and of the World: A Reappraisal of Bessie Mabel Rischbieth
    Dianne Davidson
  • Mother, Race and Nation in a Welfare State
    Marilyn Lake
  • 'The Great Bond of Motherhood': Maternal Citizenship and Perth Feminists in the 1920s
    Clare Ozich
  • Aliens to Ethnics: The Politics of Citizenship
    Christina Gillgren
  • You Have to Make Some Sort of Commitment': Polish Migrant Women Taking Australian Citizenship in Western Australia, 1947-1997
    Margot Clifford
  • Religion and Public Life: Catholic Women for this World and the Next
    Katharine Massam
  • 'Take Heart': Women's Process in the First Campaign of the Nuclear Disarmament Party, Western Australia
    Sharon Davies
  • Taking Action Against Domestic Violence in the 1970s: Nardine Women's Refuge and Radical Feminism
    Suellen Murray
  • Women at the Constitutional Convention: Small Steps – Great Strides
    Clare Thompson
  • Women and Children as Subjects in Western Australian History
    Penelope Hetherington

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Book reviews

  • Maryon Allbrook, Journeys of Hope
    Loretta Baldassar
  • Leigh Edmonds, The Vital Link. A History of Main Roads Western Australia 1926-1996
    Frank Broeze
  • L.C. Burton, Barefoot in the Creek: A Group Settlement Childhood in Margaret River
    Ian Crawford
  • Jenny Gregory, On the Homefront: Western Australia and World War II
    Kate Darian-Smith
  • Leigh Edmonds, A Permanent Reminder: A History of the RAAF Association Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia
    Jennifer Garton-Smith
  • Dianne Davidson, Women on the Warpath: Feminists of the First Wave
    Andrea Gaynor
  • Geoffrey Bolton, Daphne Street: The Biography of an Australian Community
    Jenny Gregory
  • Tom Pocock, Travels of a London Schoolboy, 1826-1830
    Andrew Hassam
  • Margot Melia & Richard Bosworth, Western Australia as it is today, 1906
    Adelma Longton
  • Andrew Gill, Forced Labour For The West: Parkhurst Convicts 'Apprenticed' in Western Australia 1842-1851
    Peter Millett
  • A.G. Evans, Fanatic Heart. A Life of John Boyle O'Reilly 1844-1890
    Patrick O'Farrell
  • Bobbie Oliver, War and Peace in Western Australia: The Social and Political Impact of the Great War 1914-1926
    Malcolm Saunders
  • Bobbie Oliver, Peacemongers: Conscientious Objectors to Military Service in Australia, 1911-1945
    Malcolm Saunders
  • Deborah Oxley, Convict Maids: The Forced Migration of Women in Australia
    Dianne Snowden
  • Joy Damousi, Depraved and Disorderly: Female Convicts, Sexuality and Gender in Colonial Australia
    Dianne Snowden
  • Kay Daniels, Convict Women
    Dianne Snowden
  • Colin Holden, Ritualist on a Tricycle: Frederick Goldsmith, Church, Nationalism and Society in Western Australia 1880-1920
    Rowan Strong
  • Andrew Gill, Forced Labour for the West: Parkhurst Convicts 'Apprenticed' in Western Australia 1842-1851
    Michael Sturma
  • Neil Olive (ed), Karijini Mirlimirli: Aboriginal Histories from the Pilbara
    Kathryn Trees
  • Bill Bunbury, Timber for Gold: Life on the Goldfields Woodlines
    Mathew Trinca

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