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Perspectives on Sport and Society

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  • Ed Jaggard
  • Jan Ryan


  • 18, 1997

Out of print

This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers some of the lesser known history of Western Australian sport.


  • Western Australian Golf in the Nineteen Thirties
    Michael White
  • Laying Out The Bases: Softball in Western Australia 1946-9
    Lynn Embrey
  • Debating Horseracing: Class and Gender as Rhetorical Strategies 1905-1917
    Charlie Fox
  • From Grom to Wisla: Soccer in Collie 1950-1971: Sport as a Forum for Immigrant Community Participation
    Kerry Evans
  • From Amateur to Professional and Back Again: The Swan Districts Football Club 1934-1997
    Brian de Garis
  • Urban Nyoongar Children's Sense of Self in Sport
    Cheryl Kickett-Tucker
  • Tennis West: Conservatism in the Cinderella State
    Harry CJ Phillips


  • Cocks, E., Fox, C., Brogan, M. and Lee, M. (eds.) Under Blue Skies: The Social Construction of Intellectual Disability in Western Australia
    Rosemary Berreen
  • R. Horgan ed., J. Partridge and J. Miller assoc.ed. A Time to Keep: Preserving the Past for the Future
    Helen Burgess
  • Glen McLaren, Beyond Leichhardt: Bushcraft and the Exploration of Australia
    Steve Mullins
  • Paul Hasluck, Light That Time Has Made
    Robert Porte
  • Inventory of Honours and Postgraduate Research into Western Australian History
    Jenny Gregory