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  • Jenny Gregory


  • 17, 1997

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal explores the theoretical approaches to the use of historical sources. 


  • The Power of Naming: Women Botanical Collectors and the Contested Space of 19th Century Botany
    Judy Skene
  • Controlling Places: A History of Spatial Intent in Western Australian Convictism
    Mathew Trinca
  • Landscapes of Meaning: Joseph Horrocks and the Gwalla Estate Northampton
    Martin Gibbs
  • Contours of Madness: Montgomery's Claremont – Quickly Falls The Shadow
    Peter McClelland
  • Protecting Middle-Class Suburbia: An Ideal Space for the Citizens of Interwar Perth
    Jenny Gregory
  • Spirituality and its Spatial Dimensions: The Parish of St Patrick's Church Fremantle 1948-1962
    Anne Wayne
  • In the Anonymity of a Murmur: Graffiti and the Construction of the Past at Fremantle Prison
    Daniel Palmer
  • Spectacular Youth Sub-Cultures and Urban Space: Appropriating a Sense of Autonomy
    Felena Alach
  • Capturing Gender?: Identifying Spaces in Perth's Forrest Chase
    Matthew AllenJane Long
  • Heritage Places and Technological Systems: A Broader View of Cultural Significance
    Leigh Edmonds


  • Christopher Keating, On The Frontier: A Social History of Liverpool
    Anthony Barker
  • Richard G. Hartley, Industry and Infrastructure in Western Australia 1829-1940
    Leigh Edmonds
  • Maryon AllbrookHelen Cattalini, The General Langfitt Story: Polish Refugees Recount Their Experiences of Exile, Dispersal and Resettlement
    Kerry Evans
  • Bill Bunbury, Rabbits and Spaghetti. Captives and Comrades, Australians, Italians and the War, 1939-1945
    Jan Gothard
  • Julie Marshall, Starting with Threepence: the Story of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
    Philippa Martyr
  • Bill Latter, Blacklegs. The Scottish Colliery Strike of 1911
    Bobbie Oliver
  • Paul Hasluck, Light That Time Has Made
    Robert Porter
  • Patricia Grimshaw, Susan JansonMarian Quartly, Freedom Bound I: Documents on Women in Colonial Australia
    Bev Thiele
  • Marilyn LakeKatie Holmes, Freedom Bound II: Documents on Women in Modern Australia
    Bev Thiele
  • David Hutchison, A Town Like No Other: The Living Tradition of New Norcia
    Judith Woodward

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