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  • Jan Gothard


  • 16, 1995

out of print

This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at what has happend to many groups of immigrants from Asia.


  • Japanese War Brides in Western Australia: Immigration and Assimilation in the Nineteen Fifties
    Julie Easton
  • Choice or Chance?: Self-employment among the Vietnamese in Perth, Western Australia
    Nonya Peters
  • Jumna Khan
    Charlie Fox
  • Placing Restrictions Upon Them: Controlling 'Free' Chinese Immigrants and Capital in Western Australia
    Anne Atkinson
  • Asian Men on the West Kimberley Coast, 1900-1940
    Christine Choo
  • The Broome Race Riots of 1920
    Michael Schaper
  • The Last Colonial Act: The Expulsion of Indonesian Fishermen from the North West Coast
    Bruce Campbell
  • The View West: The Indian Ocean Trading World and Western Australia to 1914
    Andrew Pope


  • Ron Davidson, High Jinks at the Hot Pool. The Mirror Reflects the Life of a City
    Peter McClelland
  • William J. Lines, An All Consuming Passion: Origins, Modernity and the Australian Life of Georgiana Molloy
    Bruce Baskerville
  • Charles von Hugel, New Holland Journal November 1833-October 1834, edited by Dymphna Clark
    Suzanne Welborn
  • Doreen Owens, Jardee: The Mill that Cheated Time
    Jenny Mills
  • Lyall Hunt, Yilgarn. Good Country for Hardy People: The Landscape and People of the Yilgarn Shire, Western Australia
    Charles Fahey
  • Geoffrey Blainey, The Golden Mile
    Richard G. Hartley
  • Ken Spillman, A Rich Endowment. Government and Mining in Western Australia 1829-1994.
    Charlie Fox
  • S. Fitzgerald and G. Wotherspoon, Minorities: Cultural Diversity in Sydney
    Richard Bosworth
  • Jan Ryan, Ancestors: Chinese in Colonial Australia
    Esta Ungar
  • Margaret Zucker, From Patrons to Partners: A History of the Catholic Church in the Kimberley 1884-1984
    Katharine Massam
  • Eugene Stockton, The Aboriginal Gift: Spirituality for a Nation
    Geoffrey Lilburne
  • Neville Green, The Forrest River Massacres
    Richard Broome

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