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Media, Politics and Identity

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  • Brian Shoesmith


  • 15, 1994

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal covers media, politics and identity.


  • Representations and Ideology: The West-Australian Story
    Veronica Brady
  • The Price of Protest: Press and Judiciary in 1870
    Geoffrey Bolton
  • Humour and Exclusion: Chinese Minorities and the Conservative Press in late Nineteenth Century Western Australia
    Jan Ryan
  • The Politics of the Press: A Study of the Conservative Press in Western Australia 1930-1934
    Louise Secker
  • The Goldfields come to Perth: The Sunday Times 1897-1905
    Karen Byers
  • With One Eye on the World: Catholics and the Media in Western Australia Katharine Massam
  • Narratives of Emergence: Late Nineteenth Century Landscape Photography in Western Australia
    Ned Rossiter
  • Innovation and Standardization: Moving pictures in Perth from the first screening to the first purpose-built cinemas
    Ina Bertrand
  • Wireless Waves as Cultural Glue: Tethering the Bush and the City in Western Australia between the Wars
    Leigh Edmonds
  • Media Education: The Development of Media Education in Western Australian Schools
    Robyn and Rod Quin


  • Rupert Gerritsen, And Their Ghosts May Be Heard
    Ian Crawford
  • Justina Williams, Anger and Love
    Amirah Inglis
  • Susan Maushart, Sort of a Place Like Home: Remembering the Moore River Settlement
    Mary Anne Jebb
  • J. B. Hirst, The World of Albert Facey
    Richard Nile
  • Michal and Richard Bosworth, Fremantle‚Äôs Italy
    Ros Pesman
  • Sarah Newton, Maxwell Newton: A Biography
    John Rickard
  • Robert Porter, Paul Hasluck: A Political Biography
    John Rickard
  • R. J. Ferguson, Crawley Campus: The Planning & Architecture of the University of Western Australia
    Mathew Trinca

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