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  • Frank Broeze


  • 13, 1992

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal traces the development of many of Western Australia's major industries.


  • Failure and Success: the Broadhursts and the Abrolhos Islands Guano Industry
    Mike McCarthy
  • The Business of Chinese Coolie Immigration
    Jan Ryan
  • ‘Rich Men in Their Castles, Poor Men at Their Gates’: Status and Paternalism of a Colonial Elite 1870-1900
    Patsy Brown
  • ‘A Great Frankenstein’: The West Australian Shipping Association 1884-1906
    Frank Broeze
  • The Consolidation of the Brewing Industry in Western Australia
    Suzanne Welborn
  • ‘The Slums of Tomorrow’? Architects, Builders and the Construction of Flats in Interwar Perth
    Jenny Gregory and Robyn Taylor
  • Profits and Lifestyle: Western Australia’s Fishers
    Malcolm Tull
  • West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd. The Early Years: 1952-1967
    Terry Filkin
  • Decentralisation and Regional Business Enterprise: The South-West Development Authority
    Anthony J. Barker


  • Christopher Richards, There Were Three Ships: The Story of the Camden Harbour Expedition 1864-1865
    Cathie Clement
  • Bill Marks, The Fall of the Dice
    Charlie Fox
  • Douglas E. Darbyshire, In Time for Lunch
    Jan Gothard
  • Henry Richardson, A Pleasant Passage: The Journals of Henry Richardson, Surgeon-Superintendent aboard the convict ship Sultana
    Jan Gothard
  • John Lane, Fairbridge Kid
    John Lack
  • Allan Moore, Growing up with Barnardo’s
    John Lack
  • L. P. Welsh, Geordie: Orphan of the Empire
    John Lack
  • Charlie Fox, Working Australia
    Lenore Layman
  • Bruce Bennett, An Australian Compass: Essays on Place and Direction in Australian Literature
    Richard Nile
  • Geoffrey Bolton and Heather Vose with Genelle Jones, The Wollaston Journals Volume 1: 1840-1842
    Anne Porter

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