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Aspects of Ethnicity

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  • Richard Bosworth
  • Margot Melia


  • 12, 1991

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at several aspects of ethnicity.


  • Chinese Burials in Western Australia in the Nineteenth Century
    Jan Ryan
  • The Zunini Scheme – A Plan for Italian Group Settlement in Western Australia, 1906-1908
    Margot Melia
  • ‘All-British’ or ‘Anti-German’? A Portrait of a Western Australian Pressure Group during World War I
    Bobbie Oliver
  • Castellorizian Participation and Influence Within Perth’s Greek Community
    John N. Yiannakis
  • Yugoslavs in the Swan Valley and their Involvement in Viticulture
    Ena Ili_ Czeladka
  • Luigi Mistrorigo and La Stampa: The Strange Story of a Fascist Journalist in Perth
    Richard Bosworth
  • The Italian Feste of Western Australia and the Myth of the Universal Church
    Richard Bosworth and Margot Melia
  • The Unpromised Land: A Jewish Refugee Settlement in the Kimberley?
    Beverley Hooper
  • Conversations with Italian Women: Close Encounters of a Culinary Kind
    Michal Bosworth


  • Arthur C. Bligh, The Golden Quest: The Roaring Days of West Australian Gold Rushes and Life in the Pearling Industry
    Kate Darian-Smith
  • Jenny Hardie, Nor’Westers of the Pilbara Breed
    Kate Darian-Smith
  • Alexandra Hasluck, Portrait with Background
    Kate Darian-Smith
  • Prue Joske, Dearest Isabella: The Life and Letters of Isabella Ferguson 1819-1910
    Anne O’Brien
  • Janice Gothard, Across Perth Water: Reminiscences of South Perth
    Katie Holmes
  • John A. McKenzie, Old Bush Schools, Life and Education in the Small Schools of Western Australia 1893 to 1961
    Joan Fox
  • N. Green, Aborigines of the Albany Region 1821-1988. The Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians
    Tom Stannage
  • N. Green and L. Tilbrook, Aborigines of New Norcia 1845-1914. The Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australians
    Tom Stannage
  • Emma Ciccotosto and Michal Bosworth, Emma: A Translated Life
    Susanna Iuliano
  • C. T. Stannage, Embellishing the Landscape: The Images of Amy Heap and Fred Flood, 1920-1940
    Julian Goddard

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