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Western Australia Between the Wars 1919-1939

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  • Jenny Gregory


  • 11, 1990

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The focus of this issue of the Studies in WA History Journal is Western Australia between two global conflicts.


  • Disputes, Diggers and Disillusionment: Social and Industrial Unrest in Perth and Kalgoorlie 1918-24
    Bobbie Oliver
  • The Midland Railway Workshops 1920-1939
    Kathy Bell
  • Marginalised: The Rural Workforce in a Marginal Area Farming District in the Interwar Years
    Jocelyn Maddock
  • ‘Bookies, Punters and Parasites’: Off-course betting, conflict and consensus in Western Australia between the Wars
    Charlie Fox
  • Good Times for All? Popular Entertainment and Class Consciousness in Western Australian Society between the Wars
    Annette Davis
  • Education and Upward Mobility in Interwar Western Australia: The Case of Perth Modern School
    Jenny Gregory
  • A Gallery for All? The Art Gallery of Western Australia
    Janda Gooding
  • Radical and Conservative Theatre in Perth in the 1930s
    Terry Craig
  • Eroticism, Sex and the Politics of Imagination
    Richard Nile


  • Louise Douglas, Alan Roberts, Ruth Thompson, Oral History: A Handbook
    Janice Goddard
  • J. P. Gabbedy, Group Settlement
    John A. McKenzie
  • Anna Haebich, For Their Own Good: Aborigines and Government in the Southwest of Western Australia, 1900-1940
    Marie Hansen Fels
  • Graeme and Kandy-Jane Henderson, Unfinished Voyages: Western Australian Shipwrecks 1851-1880
    Malcolm Tull
  • Penelope Hetherington (ed.), Childhood and Society in Western Australia
    Margaret Anderson
  • Lenore Layman and Julian Goddard, ORGANISE! A Visual Record of the Labour Movement in Western Australia
    Andrew Reeves
  • Norma King, Daughters of Midas: Pioneer Women of the Eastern Goldfields
    Raelene Frances
  • Ian Templeman & Bernadette McDonald, The Fields
    Raelene Frances
  • Bryce Moore, A Superior Kind of Savings Bank: Perth Building Society 1862-1987
    D. T. Merrett
  • Papers in Labour History, Nos 1 & 2, 1988
    Tom Sheridan
  • Susan Jane Hunt, Spinifex and Hessian: Women’s Lives in North Western Australia 1860-1900
    Raewyn Dalziel

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