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  • Lenore Layman
  • Tom Stannage


  • 10, 1989

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This issue of Studies in WA History Journal looks at how the State celebrated selected events over the past 190 years.

  1. Articles
  2. Book reviews


  • Media Myths in the Wild West
    Jan McMahon
  • The Stamp of Authority: Postage Stamp Design 1840-1988
    Brian Pope
  • Way 1979: Whose Celebration?
    G. C. Bolton
  • A Monument to Murder: Celebrating the Conquest of Aboriginal Australia
    Bruce Scates
  • The State Housing Commission and Aboriginal Housing 1959
    Kathy Bell
  • Wartime Culture: The Westralia Gift Book 1916
    Bruce Bennett
  • Armistice Day, 1918
    Judy Robinson and Murray McNair
  • Fremantle War Memorial: Patriotism or Civic Pride?
    Jenny Moroney
  • ‘For the Good of the Colony and Humanity at Large’: The Opening of the New Rottnest Lighthouse in 1896
    Frank Broeze
  • The Opening of the Canning Dam
    Jenny Gregory
  • ‘To the Glorious, Pious and Immortal Memory of the Great and Good King William’: The 12th of July in Western Australia 1887-1930
    Andrew Gill
  • International Women’s Day
    Wendy Brady
  • Labour’s Annual Holiday: Eastern Goldfields Eight Hours Demonstrations 1900-1914
    Lenore Layman
  • The Coolgardie International Exhibition, 1899
    Lynne Stevenson
  • Boulder Bands Win at Ballarat 1904-05
    Jean Farrant
  • ‘The Foundation of Perth’: George Pitt Morison’s Persistent Image
    Janda Gooding
  • Visual Celebrations of Community: Murals and their Message in Collie
    Raelene Frances
  • The Australasian Tennis Championship of 1909
    Harry C. J. Phillips
  • A Jubilee Celebration: The Australian Surf Championships, 1951
    Ed Jaggard
  • A Netball Celebration: The First School-girls’ Netball Team, 1956
    Jan Ryan

Book reviews

  • Black Stories, White History
    Mary Anne Jebb
  • Rev. J. B. Gribble, Dark Deeds in a Sunny Land
    Susanne Davies
  • Michael J. Bourke, On the Swan: A History of the Swan District, Western Australia
    Ronald Richards
  • Suzanne Welborn, Swan: The History of a Brewery
    Bryce Moore
  • Rachael Christenson (ed.), To All My Dear People: The Diary and Letters of Private Hubert P. Demasson 1916-1917
    Katie Holmes
  • Brian de Garis (ed.), Campus in the Community: The University of Western Australia, 1963-1987
    Barbara Falk
  • Carolyn Polizzotto, The Factory Floor. A Visual and Oral Record
    Charlie Fox
  • Patricia Crawford and Myrna Tonkinson, The Missing Chapters: Women Staff at The University of Western Australia 1963-1987
    Patricia Grimshaw
  • Catalogue for an Exhibition: Declan Arakike-Apuatimi
    Mehmet Adil

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