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University honours theses on West Australian topics.

Please note that this list is a research tool only. Copies of theses are not held at CWAH.

We recommend you contact the relevant institution to obtain access.

  1. Curtin University (1988-1995)
  2. Edith Cowan University (2002-2016)
  3. Murdoch University (1978-2016)
  4. University of Notre Dame (2003-2016)
  5. University of Western Australia (1939-2016)

Curtin University (1988-1995)

ANDREWS, M. 1989 A Sociological Examination of Class and Conflict in the Western Australian Government Railways (Westrail)

BEESLEY, S. 1994 The Politics of Privatisation in Western Australian Agriculture: The Case of Robb Jetty 1982-1992

BELTRAME, J. 1989 The Redevelopment of Perth Airport: A Study of Locational Conflict

BUNN, M. 1994 Criminality and Convictism in the Colonial Society of Nineteenth-Century Western Australia

CAMPBELL-SMITH, S. 1995 An Ethnography of an Applied Anthropology: The Practice of Ethnographic Aboriginal Heritage Surveys in Western Australia

CHARLES, M. 1988 Women in Western Australian Parliamentary Politics 1921-1968

DOOHAN, N. 1987 Ex-Servicemen and Parliamentary Politics in Western Australia 1916-1930

GOULDER, S. 1991 The Shark Bay Community: An Identity Born of Isolation and its Adaptation to External Perceptions of Regional Function

GRAHAM, R.A. 1994 The Burke Government and the Labour Movement

HARRIS, J. 1988 Burke Labor Government: Technocratic Laborism at Work 1983-1987

JOHNSTON, J. 1991 Technology and Change in the Preston-Ferguson River Basin 1830s to 1970s

O'GRADY, C. 1995 Historical Geography of the East Pilbara: With Special Focus on Warrawagine Station

RAFFERTY, M. 1989 A Political Economy of Entrepreneurship in Western Australia 1960-1975 - Case Studies of the Bond Corporation and the Bell Group

ROCK, M. 1990 Executive Government and Public Administration in Western Australia During the 1970s and 1980s

SANDERS, D. 1994 Historical Geography of the Jarrah Forest Lands in the Shires of Murray and Waroona

SKITMORE, E. 1988 Social Impact Assessment of the East Perth Project

WATKINS, A. 1992 The Appointment and Construction of the Royal Commission into WA Inc

WONG, A. 1996 The Impact of Tourism on Fremantle 1981-1996

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Edith Cowan University (2002-2016)

GROVES, J. 2006 The Camfields: "The Comforts of Civilisation" in Early Colonial Western Australia

LAPHAM, A. 2002 Assimilation, theory, policy and practice: the Native Welfare Council's experiment in preparing Aboriginal families at Allawah Grove for assimilation 1961-1968

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Murdoch University (1978-2016)

ANDERSON, L.P. 1978 The Role of Aboriginal and Asian Labour in the Origin and development of the Pearling Industry, Broome, Western Australia 1862-1940

ANSTEY, S.W. 1980 The Impact of the Great War on the Beverley, Toodyay and Murchison Goldfield Communities of Western Australia 1914-1917

ATKINSON, A. 1983 The Socio-Economic Experience of Chinese Sojourners in Perth, Western Australia 1900-1920

AYRE, D. 1999 A history of the south west electrical power system

BAKER, R.E. 1992 Black Rocks: A New Port for The West Kimberley

BERTOLA, P.B. 1978 Ethnic Difference in Kalgoorlie

BIZZACA, K. 1995 The Good Neighbour Council and Postwar Migration in Western Australia 1949-1955

BLACKWELL, B.A. 1979 Influenza Epidemic of 1919 in Perth

BRADY, W.J. 1982 Women Workers in the Western Australian Hotel and Catering Industry 1900-1925

BROK, A. 2005 The commonwealth investigation branch in Western Australia, 1919-1939

CARMAN-BROWN, K.1994 Transforming Cinderella: an Environmental History of Kwinana and Cockburn Sound 1950-1976

CARNEY, J. 2000 The many missions of Matthew Gibney

CARTER, C. 1994 Yellagonga's Tribe: Aboriginies of the Swan River Colony 1829-1850

CHAPMAN, R. 2002 A century of bells: a history of change ringing in Western Australia 1901-2001

CLEMENT, C.A. 1981 Pastoral Leasing in the Kimberley District of Western Australia. Vol. 1: An Era of Chicanery 1879-82. Vol. 2: Register, 1880-1900 (2 volumes)

CLEWS, V. 2001 Cowaramup's second wave of settlers, 1934-1957

COOK, D. 1992 Clothing in Western Australia in 1848: The Construction and Maintenance of Difference

CORR, G. 1983 Economic Impact of Convict Transportation on Western Australia 1850-1868

COVERDALE, J. 1994 Perth WEL during the Whitlam Years 1972-1975: Ideology, Method and Opportunity

COWAN, S. 2015 Cracking the code: Why Western Australia abandoned rugby for Australian rules football in 1885

DARNELL, J.J. 1991 Explanations for Juvenile Delinquency: Western Australia 1936-1943

DELANEY, V.M. 1989 From Private to Public: Perth's Omnibus System 1921-1962

DELROY, A. 1985 The Introduction of the Domestic Gas Stove in Metropolitan Perth 1900-1950

ELLIS, A. 1979 The Impact of War and Peace on Australian Soldiers 1914-1920

ELSTON, K. 1993 The Origins of the Conservation Council in Western Australia 1955-1967

FARRELL, R.D. 1993 A History of the Ugly Men's Voluntary Workers' Association of W.A. Incorporated

GALLAGHER, M. 1990 The Canning Stock Route 1904-1912

GALLOWAY, L. 1985 The Development of Theological Education among Western Australian Baptists: 1898-1968

GIFFORD, P.J. 1991 No Winners: The British Seaman's Strike of 1925: Its Ramifications at Home and in the Commonwealth

GILLGREN, C. 1992 The Interaction of Cultures: A Study of the Agricultural Industry in Carnarvon 1910-1962

GOODING, J.L. 1985 Western Australian Art 1911-1939: The Perpetuation of a Conservative Style

GORDON, M. 2004 Memories of life in the settlements and camps of the transline 1912-1975

GROUNDS, R.D. 1978 The 'Business' of 'Urban' History: Selling the Motor Car in Western Australia 1900-1927

HALLIGAN, P. 2000 Faith, hope and courage: the story of immigrant Irish girls to Western Australia in 1853

HAMILTON, M. 1982 The Development of a Tract of Land and its Emergence as a Suburb 1830-1901

HAMMOND, C.G. 1981 The Mechanization of the West Australian Wheat Belt

HARCOURT, G.P. 1992 Bulk Grain Handling Facilities at the Port of Fremantle and the Development of a Work Culture 1933-1977

HARTLEY, C. 1982 Western Australia: The Decline of the Colonial Merchant Shipping Industry 1870-1890

HARTLEY, R. 1992 The 1904 Watershed in Berwick Moreing's Western Australian Gold Mining Activities

HODGE, P.J. 1992 Daisy Bates and her Aboriginal "Children": the Personal and Social Origins of the Construction of Myth

HOOPER, C. 2003 A social history of the plant nursery industry in Metropolitan Perth and the Balingup/Harvey Districts of Western Australia 1929-1939

HUGHES, V.J. 1978 The Custody of King's Park, Perth 1829 to 1931

HUMPHRIES, P. 2005 Australian psychiatry 1856-1899: sex, gender and the struggle for recognition

HUNT, S.J. 1978 "The Gribble Affair": a Study of Aboriginal-European Labour Relations in North-West Australia during the 1880s

JAECKEL, H. 2000 The closure of Cheynes Beach Waling Company, Albany, Western Australia, 1978: the environmental issues

JAMIESON, R.M. 1980 The Australian Broadcasting Commission's Radio News Service and its Audience in Western Australia 1947-1960

JAUCZIUS, J.M. 1990 The Australian Country Music Phenomenon 1936 to 1973

JEBB, M.C. 1987 Venereal Disease and Aborigines of Northern WA 1898-1936

KEARNS, B. 2005 Mollie Skinner: on the brink of all the balances

KING, K., 2006 Incest in law in Western Australia: definitions, principles and Supreme Court cases 1892 - 1930

LANG, E. 1997 Making the modern suburban landscape: Bristile advertising in Western Australia 1945-1960

LAWRENCE, P. 2001 The Lawrence boat builders: tracing the history of an early boat building family

LIM, J. 1998 A study of cattle killing and stealing in the north of Western Australia from 1860-1910

LIVERIS, L.B. 1988 The Undertaker Business in Perth: "Dismal Trader" to Professional Funeral Director 1860-1939

LUDLOW, K.F. 1980 The Coal and Gold Industries in Western Australia and Government Assistance during the 1920s

LUKIN, J.C. 1978 Lionel Lukin 1801-1863 "The Life and times of a Swan River Colonist"

MANN, J. 2000 White Gum Valley 1901-1931: a place and its people

MARSH, P.J. 1980 Christianity in Early Western Australia: An Inquiry into its Role as an Agent of Social Control Among the Aborigines 1829-1849

MATTINGLEY, N. 1990 The Abolition of Capital Punishment in Western Australia 1960-1984

MAZZAROL, T.W. 1978 Labour and Capital in the Early Western Australia 1829-1840

McDONALD, B. 1987 Women as Wives in WA in the 1950s: A Study of Marriage Guidance Council and Divorce Court Evidence

McGANN, P.J. 1988 'Malays' as Indentured Labour: Western Australia 1870-1900

MEAGHER, T. 2001 The Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Acts of 1863 and 1879: women, divorce and the law in colonial Western Australia

MEGAHEY, N.T. 1992 The Social Construction of Insanity in Western Australia 1857-1899

MIKUS, P. 2013 Graylands: The evolution of a suburb

MOFFAT, J. 1994 The Karrakatta Club 1894-1901

MOORE, S.R. 1984 Big Bell, 1915-1955: The Roles of the State, Labour and Capital in a Western Australian Goldmine

MORONEY, J.M. 1987 Fremantle War Memorial: Patriotism or Civic Pride? (1918-1928)

MORTIMER, M. 2002 Patrick Joseph Clune: prelate, patriot and peacemaker

MOTHERWAY, W. 2002 A study of three Catholic Irish-Australian newspapers: their reportage of events in Ireland during the years 1916-1921, the period of the troubles

PARK, S. 1995 Western Australian Immigration Policy 1883-1914: Aspects of Colonial and State Government Activity

PARTRIDGE, J. 1995 The Mechanics' Institute Movement in Britain and Australia: a Case Study of the Establishment of the Swan River Mechanics' Institute in Western Australia

PATON, I. 1999 St Benedict in the Wheatbelt: a history of theology in the New Norica Abbey, Nullius 1930-1962

PAYNE, J. 1992 The Bindoon Viticultural War Service Land Settlement Project: A Micro-study in the History of Land Settlement in Australia

PEDERSEN, H.A. 1980 Pigeon: An Aboriginal Rebel. A Study of Aboriginal-European Conflict in the West Kimberley, North Western Australia during the 1890s

POPE, R.B. 1982 Skill, Autonomy and Change in the Workplace: The Coal Mines of Collie, Western Australia 1898-1925

PORTER, A.E. 1981 Richard Hamilton, 1855-1943, and the Great Boulder Gold mine in Western Australia 1896-1927

POUND, C.A. 1978 Care and Correction of Children in Western Australia 1907-1920

REEKIE, G.P. 1982 Women's Paid Work During World War II in Western Australia: Government Direction and Women's Response 1942-1947

REEVES, N.F. 1981 The Teaching of Reading in Colonial Australia 1788-1850

ROBINSON, E. 2001 Soldiers and shell shock: some Australian experiences during World War I

ROBISON, J. 1990 Australian History in Western Australian State Schools 1893-1945: A Study of Curriculum Materials and Textbooks

ROGERS, A. 2002 The Wongan Hills Hotel 1912-1980: a study in co-operation, local interest and the role of the state

ROWE, L. 1995 The Bill to the People - The Story of the Western Australian Federation Movement

SAUNDERS, S. 1986 Suitable Island Site: Leprosy in the Northern Territory and the Channel Island Leprosarium 1880-1955

SHARP, R. 1994 A History of Public Housing in Western Australia: The Workers' Homes Board and State Housing Commission: Precursors of Homeswest

SHORTER, T.E. 1989 The Peel Estate: 1919 to 1930

SPICER, C. 2003 When the cause of death is not apparent: an exploration of coroners' inquests in Western Australia during the years 1896 to 1915 with an emphasis on the years 1902 to 1905 and particularly inquests into poisonings

SMYTH, P. 1986 Accounts of Poverty in Western Australia: A Comparative Analysis

STANLEY, R. 2001 A social history of cricket in Western Australia 1829-1885

STELLA, L 1990 Policing Women: Women's Police in Western Australia 1917-1943

TAMAN, P. 1986 Albanian Migration to WA with special reference to the Albanian Settlement in the Avon Valley

TANNER, V. 1985 The Divorce Amendment Bill, 1911 of Western Australia: A Study of Liberalism and Conservatism

TATE, B.A. 1992 Russell John Dumas 1887-1975: A Biography

VINCENT, M.A. 1992 The Inclusion of Aboriginal Traditional Law into the Western Australian Legal System 1829-1992

WALKER, M. 2000 The making of an Australian Wesleyan Missionary wife: Emma Small 1855-1930

WALKER, S.M. 1988 Censorship in WA in the 1920s and 1930s

WALTON, G. 1989 Western Australian Vietnam Veterans: The Experience of Return and the Struggle for Compensation 1962-1988

WELLS, J.P. 1984 The Political History of Katharine Susannah Prichard: Political Activity 1930-1940 and the Writing of the Goldfields Trilogy

WIGLEY, G. 1989 Manufacturing in the Municipality of Northam: 1982-1905

YIANNAKIS, J.N. 1986 The Church of St Constantine and Helene its Construction and Functioning and the Community which supported it in 1910-1934

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University of Notre Dame (2003-2016)

CHURCH, T. 2011 Sand and Skirts: A Study of British Women in Early Colonial Fremantle, 1829-39

CORR, R. 2003 Sitting on the Rail: the Westralian Worker's Response to Wartime Issues

KAZAKOFF, C. 2003 Irish Assisted Single Female Migration to Western Australia 1850-1870

McDOUGALL, S. 2003 The Third Way in WA: the Gallop Government and New Labor Ideology

TAAFFEE, L. 2008 Research in Aboriginal Contexts: Kimberley Voices

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University of Western Australia (1939-2016)

ABBOTT, K. 1998 "A Woman's Own Concern": Pregnant Bodies in Western Australia, 1900-1916

ACASTER, R. 1992 The Bureau of Meterology in Australia: Influences Responsible for its Rapid Expansion of Staff and Services in the Late 1930s

ALCOCK, G.M. 1971 Marketing the Western Australian Wool Clip 1830-1910

ALTHAM, S. 2005 The Gribble Disturbance: Settler reactions to the Reverend John Brown Gribble, 1885-1887

ANDERSON, P. 1950 Economic Aspects of Transportation to Western Australia

ANDREW, R.M. 1974 Western Australia and the Boer War: A Colony's Response to a Crisis of the Empire

ANDREWS, W.N. 1939 The Exploration of South-Western Australia, 1829-1838, with Particular Attention to Certain Explorers, also an Introduction on its Discovery

ANNING, L.D. 1972 The Referendum of the Alteration of the Commonwealth Constitution, April 1910: The Western Australian Campaign and Result

ARMSTRONG, J. 2004 The Ground Beneath Her Feet: A History of Female Membership and Participation in the ALP c.1993-2003

ASHWORTH, M. 1988 'Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison': Foucault and the Practice of History

BASKERVILLE, B. 1992 Creating Arcadia? A History of Nature Conservation in Colonial Western Australia 1870-1914

BELL, K. 1984 Aspects of Employment at the W.A.G.R. Workshops, Midland Junction 1920-1939: Work, work discipline, and industrial relations in the Western Australian Government Railway Workshops at Midland Junction during the interwar period

BESSANT, R. 2001 Farming men, Farmers' Wives: Challenging the Masculine Rural Ideology: A study of farming women in the Murray district of Western Australia

BENNETT, C. 1998 'Rossi' - Artist and Citizen in Early Twentieth Century Perth

BIRCH, J. 1990 'A Home Fit for Heroes': A Study of Divorce Cases in Relation to Questions of Gender and Class in the Inter-War Period in Western Australia

BISKUP, S.M. 1959 The Female Suffrage Movement in Australia

BLACK, D. 1959 The Early Administrations of Philip Collier 1924-1930

BLAIN, T. 1976 Extraordinary Election: The 1967 Perth Lord Mayoral Election

BLAKE, R. 1995 Court of Quarter Sessions and Supreme Court Trials Involving Violent Inter-Racial Incidents Between British Settlers and Aborigines in Western Australia in the 1850s and 1860s

BOLAS, F. 2004 Red and White, and Black All Over: Aboriginal Players and the South Fremantle Football Club

BOLTON, G.C. 1952 Alexander Forrest: A Consideration of the Part Played by him in the Political and Economic Development of Western Australia

BORRELLO, L.T. 2004 The Migration Experience of Four Sicilians: Carmela, Nancy, Sarah, and Maria: Italian Immigrant Women in Wanneroo, Western Australia

BOSWORTH, M. 1992 In Whose 'Best Interests'? The Myth of Legal Objectivity in the Treatment of Female Juvenile Offenders in Western Australia, 1907-1991

BOYCE, P.J. 1957 The Life of Archbishop C.O.L. Riley

BRADNEY, M. 1995 A Comparative Study of Game Hunting in Southern Africa and Australia during the Colonial Period

BREDMEYER, A. 1994 The Depiction of Immigration and Assimilation in the Western Australian 1945-1972

BRENTON-COWARD, K.J. 1987 An Investigation into the Working and Social Life of Repairers and Gangers on the Permanent Way of the Western Australian Government Railways 1905-1925

CAMPBELL, R. L. 1972 Aspects of Perth and its Society 1901

CARISS, M. 1993 Re-Making Dorothy Hewett's History: An Exploration of Autobiography and History

CARPENTER, S. 2003 "Broken in at Blackboy", The Australian Imperial Force in Training at Blackboy Hill, Western Australia, 1914-1918

CARSON, N. 1999 Images of Suburbia in Australian Popular Music

CATANIA, A. 2001 "That, of course takes us back to the beginning of the bush": Australian National Identity Presented in Popular History Texts at the end of the Twentieth Century

CARTER, J. 1984 Settlement and Society in West Guildford 1829 to 1901

CARTNER, G. 1979 The Great Southern Railway

CARVILLE, D. 1995 "The Practice of Historians". An Investigation into the Role of Historians in the Discourse of Australian Foreign Policy

CASEY, E. 1976 A comparison of the treatment of People of German Origin Living in Australia in World Wars One and Two

CHAPMAN, G. 1993 Why a Woman's Work is Never Done By Men: Unravelling the Discourses on Domestic Science Teaching in Western Australian State Schools Between the Wars 1919-1939

CHARLTON, A. 1997 Imaging the sandlot frontier: the selling of Lynwood

CHESNEY, C. 1998 A Man of Progress: Dr James Sykes Battye

CHETKOVICH, J 1995 The Influence of Non-British Immigration on Funeral Practice and Public Commemoration of the Dead in Western Australia

CHRISTENSEN, J. 2002 Where have all the fish gone? An Environmental History of Angling in South Western Australia from 1890 to 1950

CLARKE, M. 1996 Stability and Mobility in Two Cities of Perth From 1971-1991. A Comparative Study of Influences and Change in the Melville and Nedlands Promontories

CLERY, D. 1997 Exploding the Dead Heart: Colonial discourses of landscape and the legitimation of British atomic testing at Emu Field and Maralinga

COLE, A. 1992 The Institutionalisation of Aboriginal Children in Western Australia during the 1930s: some Feminist Questions

COWDELL, J.A., 1974 Church and Depression: A provincial study of the Anglican Church and the Great Depression in Western Australia

CRAIG, L. 1999 What's Right? What's Left? Robert Manne, Rick Farley, Fred Chaney: Conservative Politics and the Mabo Judgement

CRAIG, T. 1988 Radical and Conservative Theatre in London and Perth in the 1930s

CRANDELL, M. 2016 Seeking a feminist Utopia: Emily Crawford's grand vision for Wilson Inlet, Western Australia

CREEK, M. 1995 Building Suburbia: The War Service Homes Scheme in Applecross and Mount Pleasant, Perth, Western Australia 1945-1960

CREELMAN, M. 1985 Kingsley Fairbridge: The Man and the Farm. Aspects of change in the vision and achievements of Kingsley Fairbridge

CROSER, L. 2016 Perth Landfill and the Environmental Justice Movement

CURTIN, P.W.E. 1932 Group settlement in Western Australia

DASI, K. 2015 The Evolution of the AIF: development, experience and effectiveness 1914-1918

DAVIDSON, R. 1977 The Churches and Society, Collie 1900-1940: A Study of the Anglican, Congregational and Methodist

DAVIS, A. 1983 Public Policies Towards Motherhood and Infant Care in Western Australia,1900-1922

DAVIS, J. 2001 Cottesloe Beach 1911-1981: A Cultural and Environmental Case Study

DE LEO, J. 1997 Who Plays with Dolls? Childhood, Toys and Gender in 1950s Australia

DEMPSEY-LEES, B. 2004 A Land "destitute of water" (Dampier): French and British Exploration Assessments of King George Sound

DI CAMILLO, T. 2000 Debating the origins of the Courts of Native Affairs, Western Australia 1936-1954

DIGWOOD, K. 1974 The Development of Local Government in Cottesloe, Western Australia 1895-1970

DRUMMOND, D. 2002 "Home of the America's Cup" The 1987 America's Cup Defence and its Impact on Fremantle

DYMOND, T. 1999 Zionism and the Perth Jewish Community to 1950

EDWARDS, M. 2000 Amalgamation, Conflict and Pluralism: Aboriginal Welfare under Whitlam and Tonkin 1971-1975

ELLIS, A. 1995 Advice Books for Teenage Girls in Australia 1950s to 1980s

FARRELLY, F. 1993 Preserving the Westralian Past. The Role of the National Trust in the Preservation of the Historic Built Environment of Western Australia 1959-1975

FARAONE, J. 1994 In Defence of the Forests of the Southwest: A History of Conservation and Forestry since the Introduction of Woodchipping

FILKIN, T. 1985 A Case Study on Governmental Activities in Petroleum Exploration: The WAPET Story 1946-1967

FITZGERALD, C. 1995 Tuberculosis Becomes "Everyone's Business": The Public Health Campaign Against Tuberculosis in Western Australia 1940-1958

FITZPATRICK, M. 1984 "Preventing the unfit from breeding": The Mental Deficiency Bill of Western Australia in 1929

FLOYD, A. 1990 Busselton: A History Tailored to Suit

FOX, C. 1977 The Relief and Sustenance Workers' Union 1933-1934: An Anti Labor Political and Industrial Organisation 10

FROUD, A.L. 1989 War Memorials and Society: The Beginnings of the State War Memorial, Western Australia

GARDNER, H. 1987 A Study of the Administration of Allawah Grove Native Housing Scheme 1957-1969

GARRICK, P. 1984 A Study of Women and Crime in the Colony of Western Australia 1845-1873

GERRITSEN, R. 1968 The 1934 Kalgoorlie Riots: A West Australian Crowd in History

GERTZEL, C.J. 1949 The Convict System in Western Australia 1850-1870

GIBBNEY, H.J. 1949 Working Class Organisation in Western Australia from 1880-1902

GILL, A.W. 1973 The W.A. Police Force c.1880-1910

GOLDFLAM, L. 1996 The Westralian Judean 1929-1954

GOODALL, A. 1998 Constructing our nation's past: A history of changes to Australian history curricula in Western Australian government secondary schools 1970-1998

GORAM, D. 1997 Building a Plank: the Australian Labor Party and cultural opposition to capital punishment in Western Australia, 1901-1931

GRAHAM, M. 1983 Women's Role in the Church: A study of the changing attitudes to the ordination of women in the Uniting and Anglican Churches of Australia 1960-82

GRANT, L. 1994 Cultural Tourism and the Construction of the Past. The Presentation of the History of Pioneer Village and in the Perth Heritage Trails

GREGORY, J. 1982 Nedlands: A Study in Residential Segregation and Community

GUTHRIE, D. 1953 The Development of Education in Western Australia 1856-1870

GWYNNE, A. 1979 Purity and Equality: Roberta Jull's Attitudes to Venereal Disease

HAMBLIN, B. 1992 The Development of Basketball in Western Australia in the Last Ten Years

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